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week 20 (2nd ed.)

Total weight gain: Ten pounds. (Four pounds less than Week 20 the first time around.) But I think it's a bit more obvious I'm pregnant. If you hadn't noticed, I'm trying to take pictures with the same outfit each month. Pants will likely change since these still aren't maternity ones (just my fat pants from after I had the Chicken). And seeing as how I'll be pregnant in the summer, odds are they'll change to shorts. And check out that mean farmer's tan/burn! Worked outside a lot last weekend. Uh, and looking back at Week 20 (1st ed.)? I'm totally showing more this time even with 4 fewer pounds. Despite that, I was measuring right on track at the doctor's appointment today (where I forgot to get the fetal heart rate--shame on me).

Movement: While there were probably flutterings earlier on, the first time I definitely noticed it wasn't gas was on March 2nd. Hubby was able to feel it for the first time this past Sunday. I had a dental appointmen…