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month three

Dear Chicken,

Maybe I should start by saying your dad has given you your first nickname that's coming from him. It's Starbit. Maybe it will make you love Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. You have a Mii on the Wii so that we can weigh you on the Wii Fit game. Your name there? Baby bear. And sometimes I've taken to calling you Scarlettina. Or if I'm talking to you and Maggie, you two are Maggie May and Scarlett Sue.

So many changes have come this month! In one of the childcare books I had read before you were born, the author stated that when people picture a baby they often picture a three-month-old instead of the much less developed newborn. I can totally see why. Those smiles that were only for me last month? You give them away for free these days. You also talk a lot more and are awake even more. You're really starting to get fun.

You're also bigger. I'm guessing close to 13 pounds now. When I tried to measure your length recently, you seemed around 24 inches.…


It's always amused me that people call daycare "school" now. So Hubby and I prepped Daughter for the university last night. Told her to be good and not cry and whatnot. Nobody prepped me apparently. Momma needs chocolate and liquor and a part-time job. I'm not sure how I'm going to do's been a surprisingly difficult morning. No way I'm making it to 5:00. So here's the Chicken, first day of daycare. You know, before she left and we were both still smiling.

baby's first baseball

Friday was the Astros' home opener. This was maybe my 5th consecutive Opening Day--I'd have to do some serious thinking to confirm that statement. But I do know that it was Daughter's first Opening Day and her first game period. She did great. Let people hold and feed her, wasn't bothered by the noise, and since we left during the bottom of the 7th she wasn't saddened by the team's loss.

Her gifted Astros attire is still too big for her so I had to craft a onesie for her. She also had tiny Astros socks on. So cute! And call me crazy but I think her red-haired gene is showing in this first photo.

ABCs of cjm

Seriously, everyone is doing this meme right now. I figure since I've been falling down on posting (and just about every post is baby-related), I'd jump on the bandwagon.

A. Age:
34. I have to do the math sometimes. I can't believe that second number is 4. I think because it happened only about 3 weeks after the baby was born.

B. Bed size:
Queen. Oh, to have a King. Oh, to have a way to get a King up the stairs. Oh, well. We have an awesome new mattress and it will make for more fun cuddling once the baby (or babies) are bigger).

C. Chore you hate:
Cleaning the tub/shower.

D. Dogs:

E. Essential start to your day:
Making the rounds on the internet--blogs, e-mail, Facebook. More recently? Breastfeeding.

F. Favorite color:
Can you love them all equally? I'm loving aqua/grass green combo right now.

G. Gold or silver:
Silver? White gold?

H. Height:

I. Instruments:

J. Job title:
Sr. Clinical Research Associate III, Momma

K. Kids:
Just the one--10 we…

spring wreath

So I finished this wreath today. I don't think it's Hubby's favorite craft project of mine. I think it's fun and am seeking reassurance. For your help, you get a gratuitous baby shot. Thank you.