spring wreath

So I finished this wreath today. I don't think it's Hubby's favorite craft project of mine. I think it's fun and am seeking reassurance. For your help, you get a gratuitous baby shot. Thank you.


Bubba's Sis said…
I think it's precious! The wreath AND the baby! :-)
Laura B. said…
I love it! I need to know how to make those flowers!
cjm said…
Thanks, ladies. Laura, tear a 1-inch wide strip of fabric (~22-44 inches long depending on flower size). Tie a knot at one end. Twist the fabric as you wrap it around the knot. Hot glue as you go. I hot glued the last inch-ish to the back so they'd be good and secure.
Anonymous said…
love, love, love it! in all your free time, you should make me one. :)

love scarlett's little grin!!

I love it! You're so crafty!!!

I also love Scarlett's Quilt! What fun fabric!!!
Laura B. said…
thanks! so trying this out tonight!

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