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month five

Oh, Chicken. I know I say this every month, but come on…FIVE MONTHS?! Even though this past month has been particularly challenging, it has flown by. I was thinking the other day that you haven’t had any huge milestones or “firsts” this month and that’s true. But a few days ago you suddenly just seemed so much bigger and more grown-up. I’m already that reminiscing parent who sees a newborn and thinks, “I remember when you were that small!”

So no doctor visit for Month 5. I weighed you on the Wii about a week ago and you were around 15 pounds. Not a big gain since last month and I think that’s because I was starving you. No, seriously. I think my production is down but I didn’t realize that’s what was going on. So for most of the last month you’ve been a cranky baby during the evenings. And you’ve woken up much more often at night. Not. Fun. (We even tried to put you to sleep in your bed downstairs because Daddy was thinking that maybe you didn't like the temperature swings upstair…

happy wooden* blogoversary to me!

And I almost missed it! I just randomly was thinking about it yesterday and checked the ol' ticker and it said "1 Day." Goodness, to think that when I started writing I was living with The Brother, saving for a home of my own. I had just started a new job. I was single single single. Today I have that home, a husband, a dog, a baby (and the same job). Thanks for sticking around through it all. Now who is sending me some cake?

(*Wood is the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary.)

quick update

Things are going much better. Unhappy baby may have taken a hiatus. I think she just wasn't getting enough food. That, and gas. But things have been mostly better since Friday. And the weekend always (well, usually) makes Mommy better, too. Thanks for all the advice. I may actually try to listen to some of it. :) Hope everyone had a great Father's Day. New post on Friday when the Chicken turns FIVE MONTHS.

solicited advice

Let's pretend you have a nearly-5-month-old baby. Let's also pretend that you have a full-time job that sometimes takes you out of town, a dog, a house, a husband who is gone 55-ish hours a week, and tons of personal commitments. Now let's pretend that your infant has regressed to acting like a newborn in the evenings and at night (you know, the only time you get to see her) more often than not for about 3 1/2 weeks--crying more, screaming sometimes, turning breastfeeding into a nightmare, waking up not once but sometimes 2 and 3 times a night. You love this baby (and husband and house and dog and most of the personal commitments). You miss the baby while she's gone, while you're working. But the screaming baby? The baby who is suddenly high-maintenance? The sleep deprivation of the parent of a newborn? You don't love that so much. You at times want to run away. You probably need to run away. You need free time that doesn't involve your job. Your idea of fr…

i miss home

Last night was my first night away from the baby. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but I'm not gonna lie. I really missed her (and the rest of the family) when I got in bed last night. It was a little lonely.

It's crazy to think that not even two years ago it was normal for me to sleep alone both at home and on the road. Now we're a whole pack. I have my lovely husband on one side of me, the super cute baby in the co-sleeper on the other side, and usually a snoring dog somewhere in the room as well. It's just so full. My life is full. Cheesily, my heart is full. I love those guys. Can't wait to get home tonight.

(But don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the margarita last night, a little responsibility-free time, and about 7 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep.)