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I definitely have work I should be doing but I didn't sleep well last night so I'm moving a little slowly. Hubby is sick. I think he's getting me sick. So instead of working, I got distracted by this:

Can you believe she now looks like this?


month eight

Oh, Chicken. Another month. The biggest news this month may be that you're, um, big. I weighed you on the Wii a few days ago and you were about 20.5 lbs. Seriously?! Where did my petite little baby go? That's around the 87th percentile according to an app I got for the new iPad. Your length? About 30.25"--this is off the charts percentile-wise. I guess you're relatively height-weight proportionate. That's pretty important to society once you're older. Now you're just a chunky monkey. In your brief life you've gone from being too small for the clothes that you're allegedly supposed to fit into to being too big.

You're still sleeping well at night and are pretty easy to put to bed on most nights. Sometimes you are angry and not quite ready for bed. You generally still take 2 naps each day. You only napped once a few days this week and I don't think it was good for you. You were ready for bed super early and were a little grumpy/overtired. Over…

something fun everyday: days 29 and 30

And, thus, the conclusion. You'd think I'd have some fantastic Day 30 but work is so crazy now...

Monday/Day 29: I ordered delivery pasta from Pizza Hut. If you have a household with two >40-hour jobs, a baby, and a dog, you know how fun this really is.

Tuesday/Day 30: I unexpectedly shared the conference room with another person from my company. Sometimes it's nice to just visit with someone. Commiserate. Hadn't met her before but it was nice to share the ridiculous day with someone.

Off to what will surely end up being another ridiculous day...

something fun everyday: days 25-28 (or "i heart ny")

Every other week since August, Hubby has been in New York for work. He's left around lunchtime on Sundays and returned around midnight (or later) on Fridays. Huge, huge props to you single moms because it is HARD. The first week was the worst but we kind of fell into a rhythm after that. And, in a way, I think it was good for our marriage since we got to miss each other again and got to appreciate all the other does (since I often had to travel on the weeks Hubby was home).

On Thursday, I left the baby with the grandparents and met him in NY. Yeehaw! My plane ended up having a mechanical issue that caused the flight to be delayed by 4 hours. Good thing I jumped ship and got the next-to-last seat on another flight. Unfortunately, it was to a different airport and during rush hour so I was still fairly late in my arrival. But I made it! Hubby met me in the hotel lobby and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I changed clothes, admired the view from our room, and we grabbed some…

something fun everyday: days 23 & 24

Yesterday...I enjoyed the baby. And marked a lot of stuff off the list. And turned blueberries into baby food. I get really excited seeing little frozen blocks of bold colors in the freezer.

Today...I FINALLY gave myself a pedicure. During a conference call but still. I can't even tell you the last time I did that. It was way too long. And I bought a pair of orange Converse for $13. Yeehaw.

something fun everyday: days 19-22

Friday--Pizza delivery! We have instituted Dine-Out Fridays around here as Mama is too tired to cook sometimes. Last Friday, there was too much going on to even go out but delivery is always an option. I also got to spend a little extra time with the baby and that's always fun.

Saturday--The iPad came! Had the extended family over for dinner and tried out several new recipes. Fun. Cranky baby at bedtime? Not so much.

Sunday--Starbucks while picking out paint colors for best friend's house. There is no part of that sentence that isn't fun. Seriously.

Monday--Going to a site for work for the first time and finding out that they're actually GOOD. And local. That rarely happens. Also, last day on-site for about a week. And the odd satisfaction I get from maneuvering about the Med Center.

something fun everyday: days 15-18

On Monday, I had the day off. That would be fun except that I had to travel for work instead of spending the entire day with the family. So sad. To top it all off, I had to leave the baby who felt suspiciously warm to me. Turns out she was getting some sort of virus. She's better today. So what was fun about Monday? Nachos. For real.

Tuesday--chatting with a 7th grader while we were in line to board the flight from Orlando to Houston. I had caught an earlier flight (woohoo!) and ended up close to the end of the line. The kid in front of me started chatting it up. I don't often talk to people his age so that was fun. And? He told me I looked good for having a baby 7 months ago. Sweet kid. :)

Wednesday--Eating lunch outside! And not sweating! I don't know about other folks here in Texas (and Louisiana where I was eating lunch), but the break in heat has been really surprising. It had been so hot for so long it just felt like it was never going to end. Like it would be over 100…

something fun everyday: days 12, 13 & 14

Friday--Hubby catching an early flight home (after being gone all week). Getting to spend some time with him before midnight. Woohoo! Also, hanging out with the niece (and, you know, her parents).
Saturday--Running errands as a family. I know. This shouldn't be counted as fun but when you've had the whole family together as infrequently as we have lately, it counts. We bought some things to use up my technology bonus at work (finally!) and a jogging stroller we found on Craiglist. And rain! We enjoyed the rain.
Sunday--Ordered an iPad (using up that bonus money). Ran for the first time in, oh, 9 years. Finished the new Bay Fest sign--the neighborhood fundraiser. Old sign and new sign.

something fun everyday: days 10 & 11

I guess the real point of this is to actually do more fun things. It's not so much about blogging about it--which is good since I can't seem to write here on a daily basis.

Yesterday while I was in the airport I chatted with another mom. She had a not-quite-1-year-old daughter who obviously had had a challenging year medically. The mom loved her kid so much and told me how she'd do it all again. It was really inspiring but at the same time I was extremely grateful that my Chicken has only had very minor issues. But, you know? It all boiled down to the fact that we're both new moms. We immediately had something in common and just felt like friends chatting.

I also had dinner with the in-laws last night. A home-cooked meal that I didn't cook? Fun. And it was nice to visit with them since they had been on vacation for so long.

Today? I talked to my husband on the phone for 38 minutes. THIRTY. EIGHT. He's not much of a phone talker so that was crazy. And I went clo…