Friday, April 27, 2012

life list: visit every state (south carolina)

I have multiple posts in my head but don't really have time for them all right now.  Things have been very busy with work lately.  Lots of traveling out of state (which I haven't had in awhile).  This week I flew out to Charleston on Monday.  I was able to explore their downtown a little bit and buy a few things from local craftsmen.  I also ate at Magnolia, recommended by multiple people.  It was quite good but I was so tired I just got it to go. 

I stayed at The Ashley Inn, a little B&B near the medical school and not too far from downtown.  It was kind of a last-minute trip so B&Bs are a little harder to come by (even though there are TONS of them there).  Had a good breakfast on Tuesday morning--sausage meat pie with pimento cheese sauce, chive scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit.  There were two couples staying there (one older and one younger) as well as a pair of sisters.  The owner stopped by and chatted with us for awhile about food and history.  Apparently Charleston is one of the top places to eat in the country--this guy thinks it's the best place for restaurants period.  I didn't have a lot of time there so I didn't get to visit plantations or museums or anything.  Overall, I thought the place was ok.  But yea for marking off South Carolina and actually visiting Charleston, something I've wanted to do for years.  May have to go back one day.

After breakfast on Tuesday, I drove to Savannah.  Worked there and then headed to their downtown.  Um, I'm in love.  Savannah is exactly how I thought it would be.  Love all the little green spaces in their downtown.  I did some shopping there and had some Thin Mint and Cream ice cream at Leopold's, great recommendations from a design blog that I read.  And I generally wandered around town.  I was hoping to eat dinner there but had to get back on the road.  I figured I'd be sleepy after a good Southern meal so I had to skip it this time.  I did drive by Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons, and it had a line around the block (all old folks).  The locals said it was a little over-rated but that the desserts were good.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.  I'll definitely be back in Savannah one day--and for much longer!

Left Savannah and drove to Macon to spend the night.  Grabbed dinner at Cracker Barrel.  At least it was some country cookin'.  Might have gotten bed bugs at the hotel that night (or was allergic to the sheets or something) and then headed on to Gainesville Wednesday morning.  Worked there and then left for the ATL.  I stopped by The Varsity for a frosted orange along the way.  Overall, it was a pretty good trip.  I haven't been able to squeeze much fun into work travel in a long time so that was a nice change.  And I got to see much more of Georgia than I had before.  Lots of driving, though, so I was pretty tired the whole time.  Starting the 3rd trimester probably didn't help there.  So that was my little Southern trip.

(For the record--and my own sad little memory--the states I haven't been to yet are Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, and Vermont.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

week 24 (2nd ed.)

Total weight gain: Uh, 17 pounds. Seriously? I gained 7 pounds in the last 4 weeks?! Huh. Oh, well upon looking back, this is 2 pounds less than where I was last time. That makes me feel a little less freaked out. I'll go ahead and post 24 week pictures from Baby #1 and #2 for comparison's sake. Continuing to measure right on track according to yesterday's doctor's appointment (where baby's heart rate was about 140--yea for remembering!).  People still think I'm small, though.  Especially when they find out this is not my first rodeo.

(last time)

(this time)

Movement: Goodness, this guy must be getting beefy and/or long in there. Lots of movement and it's strong enough to be jarring sometimes. Can definitely see it from the outside now.

Cravings: Still with the sweets. And pancakes. Especially blueberry pancakes. And now booze. But I'm not giving in to that one.

Similarities: Baby brain, vivid dreams, forgetfulness.

Differences: Baby brain. Did I say that already? Seriously, I think it's cumulative. It's been way worse this time around. A few Mondays ago I had such a series of events that it would have been considered impairing. Like I'd need a diagnosis of some sort. (Although I don't think "Baby Brain" is in the DSM-IV.) No leg cramps or nose bleeds (yet). I think there has been more pressure on my girl bits this time around. And sciatic pain. Boo. Oh, and fatigue. More of that. (What could possibly be causing that?!)

Preparations: So behind on this one compared to last time. The quilt got put on the back burner as house selling preparations were in full swing. But I pulled it out again this past weekend and have made some progress. I'll also take it with me on the road so maybe I'll actually finish it before the baby comes. Fingers crossed. Hubby thinks it's too early to think about names so no progress there. Buddy Bear has acquired a few more outfits and a stuffed animal.  That's about it.  I feel compelled to buy things he'll need but haven't because...

Anything else interesting? We listed the house for sale on Friday. We had the first showing last night--it was positive but who knows if anything will come of it. Weird to be in such limbo. I can't believe I have no idea where this baby is going to live when we come home from the hospital. Unrelated, we walked a 5k recently and I'm so glad the previous one I did was the last time I planned on running (at least part of) one. I wouldn't have been able to do it this time. Freakin' sciatic nerve.  Oh!  For the first time EVER, a stranger touched my belly.  Wha?!  Huh?!  Yeah.  I wasn't as freaked out as I thought I'd be but I was surprised.  It's so funny how some people think I barely look pregnant while others think I look pregnant enough to rub on. 

Monthly wisdom/rambling: Yeah, I don't know. Perhaps it should be something about knowing your limits while pregnant? About how you probably shouldn't be painting house trim while standing on top of a footstool that is on the roof of the porch? How your first kid should definitely be able to walk before you are halfway through your second pregnancy? (Thank goodness mine does.)  How you will be tired for the rest of your life? How kid #2 will get the shaft from the beginning because who has time to take as good of care of oneself this time around? Yeah, none of that sounds good. Despite all the crazy, I oddly don't feel as stressed this time around. Perhaps I'm in denial. Or the baby brain is keeping me from realizing my own emotional state.

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