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life list: visit every state (south carolina)

I have multiple posts in my head but don't really have time for them all right now.  Things have been very busy with work lately.  Lots of traveling out of state (which I haven't had in awhile).  This week I flew out to Charleston on Monday.  I was able to explore their downtown a little bit and buy a few things from local craftsmen.  I also ate at Magnolia, recommended by multiple people.  It was quite good but I was so tired I just got it to go. 

I stayed at The Ashley Inn, a little B&B near the medical school and not too far from downtown.  It was kind of a last-minute trip so B&Bs are a little harder to come by (even though there are TONS of them there).  Had a good breakfast on Tuesday morning--sausage meat pie with pimento cheese sauce, chive scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit.  There were two couples staying there (one older and one younger) as well as a pair of sisters.  The owner stopped by and chatted with us for awhile about food and history.  Apparently Charl…

week 24 (2nd ed.)

Total weight gain: Uh, 17 pounds. Seriously? I gained 7 pounds in the last 4 weeks?! Huh. Oh, well upon looking back, this is 2 pounds less than where I was last time. That makes me feel a little less freaked out. I'll go ahead and post 24 week pictures from Baby #1 and #2 for comparison's sake. Continuing to measure right on track according to yesterday's doctor's appointment (where baby's heart rate was about 140--yea for remembering!).  People still think I'm small, though.  Especially when they find out this is not my first rodeo.

(last time)
(this time)
Movement: Goodness, this guy must be getting beefy and/or long in there. Lots of movement and it's strong enough to be jarring sometimes. Can definitely see it from the outside now.

Cravings: Still with the sweets. And pancakes. Especially blueberry pancakes. And now booze. But I'm not giving in to that one.

Similarities: Baby brain, vivid dreams, forgetfulness.

Differences: Baby brain. Did I say tha…