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why i don't link to my blog on facebook

People don't have to agree with me. That's fine. Honestly. I don't mind if we have differing opinions. One day, though, perhaps I'll stop trying to expose people to opinions different from their own when I know that it won't make a bit of difference. Some people are just really closed off. Here's my latest, sad FB battle [with additional commentary by me]:

Person From HS (PFHS): WTF have you heard that they are going to build a mosque at the site of ground zero!!??
Stranger to Me: PFHS! Ur mouth! I never thought I would see the day that u would say "wtf"!! [Can I interject here that I love people who comment on something that isn't the real issue?]
cjm: Yes, it's actually 2 blocks from ground zero and will be a multi-faith community and cultural center. A quote from a man who lost a nephew in 9/11: “The moderate Muslim voice has been squashed in America,” he said. “Here is a chance to allow moderate Muslims to teach people that not all Muslims ar…

wedding thursday: let them eat cake(s)

Trying to find a baker was a semi-long process. I think Hubby just wanted to try a lot of cake. We went to a few places that were definitely not right. Not good cake. Too expensive. We found one that I really liked but Hubby wanted to keep looking. I'm so glad we did because we found a very talented lady who made reasonably-priced yet impressive cakes.

My cake was perhaps the one part of the wedding that I didn't have a clear picture on at the outset of planning. I looked at tons of pictures and just didn't feel strongly about any of them. I knew I didn't want fondant since buttercream tastes so much better. But that was about it.

At some point along the way, I found the Goose Grease shop on etsy. I loved her wedding cake toppers but there were a little pricey and I know lots of crafty people. So I bought her "naked" wooden figures and The Brother's MIL painted them for us. They. Were. Awesome. And I guess since I wanted to feature them, I decided on a pret…

life list: kansas city's kauffman stadium

On Saturday, I crossed ballpark #8 off the list. Hubby got me tickets to a Royals game for my birthday (back in February) and we finally made good on the gift. We made it to Kansas City early Friday evening. We actually stayed in Independence, a small town to the east. Our room at The Inn at Ophelia's was very nice and comfortable and ended up luring us in for a more relaxing weekend than we had originally planned (but was much needed).

On Friday night we walked around Independence's little square and had a nice Italian dinner. Then we just lounged about. On Saturday, we had the head chef at Ophelia's cook us breakfast (we were the only guests at the inn) before browsing some of the shops. Hubby got a root beer phosphate float at Clinton's, a soda shop that was formerly a drug store that employed Harry Truman. Then we headed to Kansas City to tour Boulevard Brewing Company and then score some Arthur Bryant BBQ. And we were off to the ballpark for an afternoon game.

When …

we're off

Heading out for a 3-day weekend to:

Looking forward to the B&B, BBQ, and baseball.

life list: rangers ballpark in arlington

I'm totally off track with this blogging thing lately. No Wedding Wednesday this week. We're about to leave town again tomorrow and I figure I should blog about the last Life List item before I mark off another one...

We went up to Dallas the weekend before last. Hubby's sister lives there and we hadn't visited her there yet. And she got tickets to the Rangers game. Hadn't visited them yet either. So we packed our bags, loaded the dog in the car, and drove up to the Big D.

The three of us (we exchanged Maggie for SIL) headed to Arlington to visit the ballpark that afternoon. The super awesome part about going up that weekend was that SIL had passes from her company that would get us on the field to play catch prior to the game. Now, I don't know if it was because it was about 5 hours before the game or if it was because there was a Boy Scout event being held there or if the Rangers are just super trusting, but we waltzed right into the ballpark (with a cooler, no…

wedding wednesday, er, thursday: reception details

I have fallen off the blogging wagon. There really have been things to write about but I've been crazy busy with work and travel. With this job, a person needs an occasional office day. Or even an office half-day. Or, as a last resort, a few hours of work over a weekend. By "occasional" I mean it would be awesome to have 2 a week. I'm coming off of 8 days without one (including the weekend) followed by about a day of intermittent internet access. With the super long To Do list, this apparently makes for a sleepless cjm...

But! To get back to wedding recaps. We made it through the ceremony and we were married! We took some quick post-ceremony photographs and were on to the reception (which was held in the ballroom of a nearby college).

Like I've mentioned before, I didn't want our wedding to feel like every other wedding people had been to (although it may have...I'll just ignore that thought). One of the ways I tried to be original was with a li…

garden by the sea

Do we work in the yard every weekend? Um, pretty much. It was a beautiful weekend for it, though. And I like being in the yard when lots of the neighbors are working on their places, too.
We now have a few peas!

And these guys? I bought them last year and apparently their labels did not indicate that they flowers. Or that they got this big. Who knew? So they're planted a little too close to the sidewalk. I'll end up hacking them back after they're done blooming. I just can't cut off flowers for no reason. Funny that one ended up being pink and one is white.
We have a few new additions after yesterday. A baby mandevilla:And these super cute little guys. I don't know what they are. (I can't remember what the tag said and I'm not feeling the need to head out to the garage to read it. But I do remember it was something cutsie instead of an actual name.) They look like miniature bachelor buttons--each little yellow ball is about the size of a pencil eraser. Love t…