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first month

Dear Buns,

I know--a week late.  But the pictures were taken promptly and I even made some notes over the course of the month so that should get me a few redemption points, right? And you did come a week early so...

This first month (*cough* five weeks *cough*) has really gone by quickly.  While subsequent children seem to get the shaft, one nice thing is that you also inherit somewhat seasoned parents.  Even though your sister was a newborn not all that long ago, there were some things I forgot about.  Like that you newbies need to be burped.  And there are some differences since you're a boy and diaper changes are a little more interesting (oddly, more diaper fails).  But all in all, I've been pretty relaxed when it comes to you.  I'm not freaking out over every little anomaly.  I think that's good.  (That's not to say I haven't freaked out at all...)

So "Buns."  We obviously call you Buddy and Buddy Bear.  You get called by your given name a lot as…