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10 on tuesday (27)

I haven't done a 10 on Tuesday in quite some time. A few topics have been interesting lately but I just haven't played. This week's is 10 Things to Do Before You Get Married.
Spend some time alone. I think everyone should feel comfortable being single and being alone. I'm not saying that's preferable to being with someone. It's just that you never know what the future will bring and not being comfortable with your own company can lead to poor choices during tough times.Discuss the important things. Kids. Where you want to live. Finances. Goals. Personally, I wanted to own my own home. I realized that as much as I wanted to meet the man of my dreams and ride off into the sunset, I wanted to have the opportunity to own and decorate my house (my way) first. I'm very glad I've gotten the chance to do that.Be able to take care of yourself financially. Again, you never know what the future holds. My mother, being a single parent after my dad's death, could…

hoppy easter

Some trivia for today?

Eostre (Ostara) was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring and the dawn, and her name is the origin of the word Easter. Every year at the vernal equinox, people held a festival to celebrate the goddess. Eventually the Christian holiday celebrating the Resurrection was combined with the pagan festival to form Easter. According to legend, Eostre saved a bird whose wings had frozen during the winter by turning it into a hare. The hare became her sacred companion, retained its avian ability to lay eggs and over time developed into our modern-day Easter Bunny.


wedding cakes

(The Brother's is a Craftsman tool box, complete with real and chocolate tools.)

weddings are exhausting

Ok, and they're fun, too. The Brother got married on Saturday but the festivities started Thursday night and finished up last night. It was exhausting indeed. He had his bachelor party on Thursday night and the girls came over to my house for a little booze and pizza and girl talk. It was low key and fun.

On Friday we all got manicures and pedicures. Not all of us...just the girls. The guys recovered from the night before. Then I picked up the best man from the airport and we headed down to the wedding location for the rehearsal. Things were starting to feel real at that point. I opened the door to the reception room and all the tables were set up and place settings were starting to be laid out. After a brief anxiety attack (not really, but it did freak me out a little), I closed the door. We all headed back up to the SIL's parent's house for the rehearsal dinner. Yea for BBQ! I think our yankee guests enjoyed that as much as the locals. It was a fun evening, so nice to see…

the important things (to varying degrees)

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get too busy living to have time for writing. This happened to me long before I started blogging. Believe it or not, it's actually easier for me to keep up with post-blog (and that's really sad when you consider my lack of substantial posts as of late). So, after scrolling through, it appears that I haven't written much in the past month. While each of these topics probably deserves (deserved) its own post, I'm just going to lump it all together because I have a few minutes to spare here.

My birthday--Good. Thirty-one is a little freaky. Turning 30 was weird but I guess I grew accustomed to it. It's a nice round number. And now it's the past. I've had several moments lately where it's apparent that I'm (we're) getting older. That, too, is weird. I compare my timeline to that of my parents' generation (and some people's today) and I'm overwhelmed at what some people accomplish at such a young…

for the weekend

(Again with the praising of the tiny Jesus... Not that I mean to imply that the Baby Jesus is going to Vegas since I wrote "Baby" in that sign up there. Because, really, I don't think Vegas is an appropriate place for the Baby Jesus. Or maybe because of that, it's the most appropriate place. Whatever. I'm going to Vegas. I may or may not see the Baby Jesus there.)

elation and recap

Tomorrow? It's my last day to work in Shreveport. Perhaps my last day in Shreveport ever. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Still overwhelmed with everything I have to do by the end of the month, but excited. Wheeeee!

Ok, so after posting that first part I got to thinking about my time here. I've been coming to Shreveport for a little over a year. Here's the breakdown:
I've spent about 90 days here during that time.I've spent 74 days on-site. That means I've been at this office about 30% of the days they've been open in the past year. No wonder the front desk people know me.Two Hertz employees also know me. They know my pattern. If I stray from it by taking a later flight or coming into town a day early, they comment on it.During all my trips I don't think I've ever had the same rental car twice.I've stayed in 7 different hotels here including the probably haunted B&B.I've met one pseudo-celebrity and rode on a plane with another.One wom…


Amidst all the craziness that is currently my life, I had my evaluation today. Yea for praise!