Friday, July 27, 2012

not to be out done

Buddy Bear says enough talk about Baby #1.  Let's get back to me.  So a brief pregnancy update.  I was 4 cm dilated at my appointment yesterday.  Still full of random aches and pains but hanging in there.  I'm pretty sure there will be no comfortable sleeping until he's here.  He's probably measuring average and I still haven't really gained more than a pound or two since switching to the diabetic diet 10 weeks ago.  Crazy.  So I imagine I'll be svelte once he's here.

My totally unscientific prediction?  He'll either come tomorrow or will wait until August.  We'll see soon enough.  Twelve days till the due date.

If you remember from last time, I'm a pretty crazy nester even when not pregnant.  But I think because we moved to the new house and I felt guilty for already giving Buddy Bear the shaft, I really wanted to finish his nursery before he came.  While there are two things left (finishing painting a little corner shelf and finding a side table for the chair), I'm just going to call it done.  That chair, by the way?  Is where I've been sleeping for weeks.  Bought me several more hours of sleep.  So, without further ado, nursery #2.

This is the only room that's been painted in the new house.  EVERYTHING in this place is beige.  EVERYTHING.  While it's not offensive to be beige (a good thing when you don't exactly have tons of free time), it's kind of annoying.  I've turned into a big fan of grey lately.  Buddy Bear's room?  "Shaken, not stirred."  I made the quilt, as mentioned before, and the crib skirt.  The crib?  Was a trash day find in the old neighborhood.  The short sides have turned spindles, Jenny Lind-style.  Exactly what I was wanting.  Sometimes the odds are in your favor.  The pics on the left are just framed fabric scraps from the quilt.  The pic on the right is a needlepoint done by either my mom or grandmother.  It was never framed before.  In the middle is an airplane mobile I made.  A little bit of a travel theme.

I totally uploaded these without editing.  Sigh.  I ordered these 3 prints of of etsy.  The top one is a little boy with a plane, the bottom is a truck with rails (an homage to his daddy), and the middle is an RV print that I LOVE that says "wherever we are together that is home."  Lamp from big sister's room.

To continue with the pattern from nursery #1, I kept a list of all the places Buddy Bear traveled with me while pregnant and framed those places on the right.  On the left are song lyrics that spoke to me this time around.  They're from Eddie Vedder's "Skipping" and say:  "All of my life from beginning to end what I'll remember is holding your hand.  And all that I'll cherish is the time that we've spent, me and you skipping throughout the land." In the middle is one of my favorite parts of the room.  I ordered those letters online and stained them.  Love the font.  And that frame?  I've had for YEARS--just waiting to do something with it.  Like spray paint it white and put it in my sons nursery, it turns out.

Also fabric scraps.  The plane, boat, and car are those pre-fab wooden pieces you can get from any craft store.  Just painted them white.

Foot stool used to be an end table that I got from a friend.  Upholstered with, you guessed it, scrap fabric.  That orange fabric was actually used in Chicken's room, too.  I like that there's a little overlap.  It's in both of their quilts, too.  And there's a sneak peak of the baby boat.  Made for Baby #1 but living in Baby #2's room.  That chair was one of the first real pieces of furniture I ever bought.

So there you have it.  A (for all intents and purposes) completed nursery.  It really makes me feel good to have it (mostly) done even though he won't really live in there for a few months at least.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

18 months

Oh, Chicken.  How is it that six whole months have passed since your birthday?  I can't believe it.  I mean, yes, we've been busy.  Crazy busy.  Busier than folks probably should ever be.  But still, half a year.  And in my head, I was thinking that you've changed mentally and developmentally but not so much physically.  And then I looked at some of the videos and pictures from January.  Oh, my.  You're such a little girl now.  Barely a trace of baby left at all. 

So what's been going on with our family since then?  Mama's gotten very pregnant with your baby brother.  Mama started running again and then had to stop (see previous sentence).  Both of your parents have been very busy with work.  And with chores around the old house.  And with selling the old house and buying the new one.  And moving.  And packing and unpacking.  We all went to the Houston Livestock Show portion of the Rodeo, Opening Day at Minute Maid Park, the Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet, various parties to celebrate various occasions.  You had your first ever swimming lessons.  And Mama has gotten really bad at documenting all of it.  I'm sorry for that but I can't make any guarantees of improvement.

What's changed with you?  You are definitely still chatty but you use words!  Off the top of my head, you say uh oh, doggie, Mama, Dada, sometimes Mommy (which freaks me out), Maggie, hi, bye (in a very southern fashion), no, cow, kitty, the sound a cow makes ("nnnnn" according to you), keys, car, shoes, hat, cheese, apple, oh no, nom nom (when something tastes good), and how are you.  I'm probably forgetting some.  I don't think you know what "how are you?" means, but you say it and it's cute.  You know what MANY more words mean.  You respond to simple commands quite often.  You can point to your eyes, hair, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, belly button, toes.  You can fake laugh if I ask you how you laugh, and you think it's funny to "grumpy frown."

You love taking Maggie for walks, putting on your shoes, music and dancing, water, looking at books, and going from standing on the couch to falling on your bootie.

You haven't been phased by this move at all. I had wanted to take you back to the old house once everything was moved out of it so that you could have closure.  I guess you didn't need it.  I know you won't remember that house but I will.  I'll force you to look at pictures of the place you spent your first year, the place I went from being a single person to a wife to a mama.  Crazy.

You're still a pretty good eater.  We weened you off the bottle shortly after you turned a year.  You started cow's milk and then we switched you to soy and then to lactose-free.  Your digestive system seems to just have issues.  I hope you grow out of that.  The doctor isn't concerned so I'm trying not to be as well.  You love fruits and veggies.  And cheese. 

Sleep is about the same.  You normally sleep through the night or just randomly cry out briefly sometimes.  I almost never have to go in to check on you or comfort you in the middle of the night.  You still take two naps (except at daycare) and you go down fairly easily for those.  Sometimes you just hang out in your crib and chat with your animals or to yourself before falling asleep.  We've tried to have a good bedtime routine but you often are mad that it's time for bed.  Sometimes you (blessedly) only cry for about 10 seconds but most of the time it's more like 10+ minutes.  I think it helps if you aren't wound up before bed.

You don't just walk these days.  You run.  And you think you jump but I'm not sure if your feet ever leave the ground.  Sometimes you walk on tip toes.  You do still fall down sometimes (I have no idea why) but I guess that's just part of it.  Scraped knees and boo-boos. 

You had your 18-month doctor visit yesterday and you're doing great.  You really have slimmed down and grown taller.  You weigh 24 lb, 9 oz (55th percentile) and are 32" tall (62nd percentile).  Getting long and lean and nothing like that chubby 1-year-old of a mere 6 months ago.  I miss the thunder thighs.

Even though it's been a crazy time, it's been fun.  You bring so much joy to our lives.  It will be interesting to see how things change once your brother gets here.  But you'll still be my favorite girl.

Monday, July 16, 2012

36 weeks, 5 days (2nd ed.)

Sigh.  I missed an entire month's update.  But I was moving and stuff so that makes it ok, right?  Apparently Week 36 is not yet the watermelon.

Total Weight Gain:  About 22 pounds.  This is about 5 pounds less than where I was with the 1st edition.  The baby is measuring right on track, though, so I'm just skinnier.  I had a stomach bug 2 weeks ago and that knocked 3 or 4 pounds off but I've gained those back.  Will try to post a pic sometime soon.

Movement:  This kids moves like crazy.  Big, giant movements still.  Does he have room to do that?  Not really.  Doesn't stop him.  Sometimes his little limbs jab me, too.  Sometimes painfully. And the last few days he's developed some technique to make me feel like my hip is going to give out.  And another one where there's a sudden pain in my lower back/bootie region.  Not fun at all--especially when walking in public.

Cravings:  Oh, you know it's sweets.  Stop asking.  :)

Similarities:  Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, good hair (too bad it's too hot to wear it down), pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness is getting more frequent, Braxton Hicks, short fuse.

Differences:  Much more uncomfortable much earlier this go round.  Much more pressure in the girl bits.  I've switched to sleeping in the big ol' chair-and-a-half and that's actually helped my sleep.  Swelling.  Sheesh.  Pretty much daily at least in my right foot/ankle.  And, of course, the gestational diabetes. 

Preparations:  I was thrown a small shower that scored me tons of diapers.  Yea!  We also have wipes and more clothes.  The crib has been assembled.  I ordered the mattress and sheets so that's good to go. We have the co-sleeper.  His room is somewhat put together and even has one coat of paint on it.  Yea for a room not being beige.  (This house is a sea of beige.  Maybe one day I'll get around to posting pics.  Oh, and I guess since the last update, we moved.  That was progress.)  I finished the quilt, as noted previously.  I finished some art and ordered some more.  I still have a few more things on the list but won't feel too badly if he comes before they get marked off.  My bag is packed.  His bag is packed.  Our name list is down to 8.  I've cleaned up some of our "technology" (camera, videos, laptop) in preparation of tons of new pictures, etc.

Anything else interesting?  So at my 36-week appointment last Thursday, I had my first internal exam.  This is pretty standard.  However, I was 2 cm dilated.  Um, I was nothing with Scarlett until Week 39, and then only 1 cm.  But he didn't seem to be very engaged so that made me feel a little better.  However, I started having contractions after the exam and had them the remainder of the day.  I'll be honest, that spurred a lot of the preparations noted above.  I wasn't very excited about having a pre-term baby.  I'd like to make it at least to 38 weeks but August would be preferable.  The plus side, though, is that I have started progressing on my own.  That's a good sign regarding avoiding induction.  I can't exactly go very far past my due date since I have gestational diabetes.  But we're both measuring fine and our vitals are good.  The other thing is that he's head down.  But I tell ya, he moves around so much still that I wonder if he's really always head down.  Anyway, my next appointment is Thursday and I'm going to try to skip the internal this week.  Let's not provoke him.

Monthly wisdom/rambling:  I've probably said something similar before but unless you have something nice to say about a pregnant woman, don't say anything at all.  And I mean, you think it would be nice to say the same thing to a non-pregnant woman.  Like would you tell a stranger that it doesn't look like her feet are that swollen?  That she looks tired?  If you would, shame on you.  It seems like everyone feels compelled to comment on my appearance these days or ask when I'm due.  I don't mind chatting about it if approached in a nice fashion.  But such is life.  I know people usually don't have ill intentions.  They just don't think about what is coming out of their mouths.