Sunday, January 30, 2011


Little Miss Scarlett Caroline
Born at 11:07 am on January 24th
7 pounds, 11 ounces
20 inches
Pretty darn cute

More to come...

Friday, January 28, 2011

so there's a baby

I'll try to put up a real post soon but in case you haven't heard, we had a baby girl on Monday morning. Everyone is doing well, and we all made it home on Wednesday. Details, pictures, birth story, etc. to come.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

technically 39 weeks + 5 days

I'm remiss in posting. I guess I'll go with the usual Saturday template but may have some repeat information from Tuesday:
Total weight gain: As of Tuesday at the doctor's, 28 lbs. Down a pound. I swear I'm eating more so I wonder how this weight is getting re-allocated.

Movement: Still very active and often painfully so (especially in my hip area). Those little limbs are also a bit uncomfortable. I told Hubby that after the baby's born I'm going to jab him in his sensitive areas (like his belly button and Adam's apple) with those little feet and fists.

Cravings: Not really anything.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, more pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness a lot of the time, more daytime pottying, digestive issues, some middle insomnia, rings are still tight-ish. As of yesterday evening, some real contractions. Without getting into details, I know they're not Braxton Hicks as there has been some evidence of progress being made. So woohoo! Before you all start calling every hour on the hour, this could still mean we have days or weeks. The contractions have been manageable and it really is awesome that you feel fine in between them.

Belly button: In but shallow. Dare I count my chickens?

Preparations: Visited 4 final daycare options. Still have no idea what we're doing with the baby but at least feel like we don't need to visit any more places. I think that's about it. We're ready to go for the most part.

Milestones: Last Tuesday's appointment showed no change in dilation or effacement. Baby is still really low. If we make it to this Tuesday, I'm confident that there will be progress.

Weekly wisdom: Try not to get worked up over things, no matter how hard that might be. Educate yourself so that you don't just follow whatever the suggestions the medical staff make--ask them questions. See why they are making suggestions. If there's no risk in trying to do things like you want them done, then speak up. That is all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

crazy baby dream

I figure I'll forget this by Saturday so I'd go ahead and post this morning. That and I'm still not in the mood to work (but really should try to focus today).

Last night I had what felt like a very lengthy dream. I was in labor at home and things were going fine. The next thing I knew, however, it was the day of the baby's first pediatrician appointment (which will be Day 4 of baby's life outside his/her currently way-too-comfy home). It wasn't just a flash forward, though. In the dream it seemed like I had amnesia--at least for that period of time. This was disturbing to me because I didn't know the baby's gender or date of birth or name or if I had changed diapers or how breastfeeding was going. And in the dream I felt like I couldn't ask anyone and we were suddenly at the doctor's office (via helicopter, I might add).

So there I am at the appointment and I can't refer to my own baby by name or gender-specific pronoun. Kept having to say "the baby." At some point, the baby was taken away to be examined for what felt like a long while. I asked the nurse about it and she said that it was a 4-hour exam. Uh, ok. Later, the nurse comes in with the baby's birth certificate and hands it to Hubby. I grabbed it from him and find out that the baby is a boy. Also? That Hubby had named him 5 names plus an initial (C.). His first name was Grant (not on our short list), his next-to-last name was Ulysses (I have no idea why I was feeling presidential), and his last name was NOT our last name. I was really mad in the dream. I mean, why would I go through all the hassle of changing MY last name if it's STILL not going to be the same as the baby's? And seriously? FIVE names + an initial? That hubby cannot be trusted in dreams...

I may be going insane. These pregnancy dreams are so vivid and weird. One thing that I do find interesting is that I've had multiple dreams where the baby is out and I still don't know (or am not told) the gender. And also that I dream about the beginning of labor and post-delivery but never during the grueling part of labor. Maybe because it's so hard to imagine. Maybe it's self-preservation...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

week 39 (for realz)

Ho hum. So just a brief update on yesterday (which was officially one week till D Day). Still feeling uncomfortable and with lots of belly tightness. I thought surely there would be progress. Nope. Still the same as last week, which left me surprisingly disappointed. All systems are go regarding trying the old wives tales but don't expect a baby anytime soon. And speaking of that, I promise I won't secretively give birth and forget to tell any of you... Scout's honor (and Hubby was/is an Eagle Scout so you know I mean business).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

week 39

Total weight gain: As of Tuesday at the doctor's, 29 lbs. Since the due date was altered, I really should be blogging on Tuesdays instead of Saturdays. I stuck with Saturdays because it seemed like I had more time but I think I may switch this week (on, you know, Tuesday...when I'm really 39 weeks).

Movement: Still very active and often painfully so.

Cravings: Not really anything. I have been more hungry lately but I'm tending to stick to bland foods.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, more pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness a lot of the time, more daytime pottying, digestive issues, some middle insomnia, rings are still tight-ish. So on Tuesday my belly started feeling very tight/hard. It was like Braxton Hicks but really more constant and I couldn't really stop it with the normal methods. So almost like one giant, long, mild contraction. That's pretty much most of the time now. It's weird.

Belly button: In.

Preparations: Visited the final pediatrician. Have decided that the first one I visited is the winner. Got the car seat inspected (Hubby did a good job installing it). Took that infant CPR class last Saturday. Made appointments to visit a few final daycares. Hubby cut down the legs on the footstool, and The Brother has the headboard to make a few adjustments so that we can add it to the bed. Finished washing the last of the baby clothes and put everything away. Paid the delivery bill at the hospital.

Milestones: Dilation has begun. A whopping 1cm but that's something. Still 50% effaced.

Weekly wisdom: So I go from being ready to get this thing started and not at all. What I realized this week is that pregnancy is a series of uncomfortable symptoms/events/states of being. The interesting thing is that I adapt to them really quickly. Baby dropped? I felt awful that first day but then was ok even though I still felt the same physically. Same with these weird contractions. While almost everyone I know has said they got to the point where they wanted the baby out more than they wanted to be pregnant (even when faced with the prospect of actually pushing an entire human out of their girl bits), I haven't really reached that point yet. I've had glimpses of it, though.

See y'all on Tuesday unless something exciting happens before then. Send vibes that the baby stays in at least until Wednesday because I'm mostly husbandless until then it seems. Ah, the joys of working...

Monday, January 10, 2011

interesting post

I don't want to get into a debate on Facebook or really anywhere. I've been a little out of the loop regarding the news lately but found this post at Blurb quite interesting and thought at least a few of you might as well. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone. Obviously, the Arizona shooting was a tragedy and our political climate is a little nuts. That is all.

bump progression

So I mentioned that the baby dropped to ring in the new year. I know these are really awful pictures in terms of quality but they're the only ones I have that really show what a big change my belly has had in a short time. The first one is from Christmas weekend. Looking pretty big, still carrying high.

The second is from New Year's Day. Baby has dropped, belly actually looks smaller. Pardon my miserable expression. Really wasn't feeling well that day.

And then the last is from Saturday. Belly looks huge again. I think that makes it look less low but believe me. That baby's head is way down there. Just ask my poor hips.

It will be interesting to see what happens once this baby is out. I'm really surprised all the weight gain and lack of skinniness hasn't bothered me at all. I haven't been self-conscious or weirded out. I know it's normal and gradual but I still wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. Now I wonder if the extra (jiggly) weight sans baby is going to give me a complex. Perhaps I'll be too tired to notice.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

week 38

Total weight gain: As of Tuesday at the doctor's, 28 lbs.

Movement: Still very active and often painfully so.

Cravings: Pretty much anything that's not good for me. Eating well (or even just trying to) is tiring.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, slightly less frequent crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, more pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness a lot of the time, more daytime pottying, digestive issues, Braxton Hicks (probably on more than 50% of days). Middle insomnia for about 1-2 hours--but less frequently this week. Forgot to mention that my rings are fitting a little too snugly lately so I've stopped wearing them unless I'm leaving the house. They go on but almost need the jaws of life to get off. Maybe with winter weather returning, this will change.

Belly button: Still in and that 1/4 of it that was poking out last week? Not anymore--back in.

Preparations: Visited another pediatrician. I think I liked the first one better. One more to visit next week. Made the bedskirt, switched out beds with the in-laws, and finished accessorizing. Yea! But you already knew that. Progress on the baby names. We have a list of 4 for each sex and I think that's good enough until we actually see the baby. We figure the list will automatically be cut in half for gender... Received what will likely be bebe's coming home outfit. Also made an appointment for car seat inspection, did some more daycare research, and later today we have infant CPR.

Milestones: The baby did indeed drop late on Saturday/Sunday as confirmed by the doctor on Tuesday. And we technically reached full term on Tuesday as well--37 weeks with the amended due date. (Ok, I forgot to add this and I apologize to people who don't want to know it. But, hey, it's my blog and I can do what I want. That, and if it's not written down, it's forgotten these days. At the OB, the cervix was softening, 50% effaced, no dilation. About 2-2.5 inches between bebe's head and the outside world.)

Weekly wisdom: Holy moly. I don't know if a person can ever be prepared about impending labor. Or maybe it's different with subsequent pregnancies? For me? When the baby dropped, I freaked out a little. I'll actually have to deliver this baby. It took a few days to fully get over that. Also? Whatever tentative birth plan I/we have in my/our head(s) seems to go out the window (for me at least) when I'm freaked out. We'll just see how it all goes. Like I said, birth is one thing I'm not sure you can ever be prepared for as you never do anything remotely like it prior to the big day. The wisdom here? I don't know. Maybe that you'll likely continue to feel about a zillion emotions till the bitter end. :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

hey, would you like to see the nursery?

After a very productive week/weekend, the nursery is just about done. I think the only thing I want to do is whip up a simple padded headboard and Hubby needs to trim down the legs on a little footstool. That's it! Finally! So without further ado...

This is what you see when you walk in the door. Too bad the baby won't be able to appreciate it right away.

(And I'll apologize right off the bat for having some wonky-colored photographs in this post. I just don't have the energy to fix things. At least on my monitor, the above pic is roughly true-to-life.)

Would you like to see that awesome rug a little better?

Man, I love it. It was the one splurge for the room but it has such great colors, fun animals and designs, and is round. All my criteria were met. Love.

Here's the corner with the crib. I wanted a clean, simple, modern, white crib. I hate to admit it but we ordered it from Wal-Mart. Hey, at least we didn't have to enter an actual store to get it. It was inexpensive, is quite sturdy, adjusts to a toddler bed, came with a highly-rated mattress, and had 98 cent delivery.

I think I've shown you these details before but I'll force them on you again. First, the mobile I made. Love the little birds. And second, the collection of fun artwork.

So starting with the big blue house and working clockwise, we have the big blue house that Hubby brought back from a past vacation. Then an angel that was given to me by one of my fake moms years ago. I've changed up the frame and the angel's background at least 3 times to fit with changing decor but I think it's so cute. The angel is made of vintage, embroidered linen (like a pillowcase or tablecloth). Next, the tiger needlework that my grandmother made (Dad made the frame and I painted part of it to fit better with the room). Then Bebe's first card (a picture of peas and it says "sweet pea"). The last two items (the clown and the Pooh driftwood) were both in Hubby's nursery when he was a little one. I love that it's such a crazy mix that somehow works together. That it's sentimental doesn't hurt either.

To the left of the crib and on the other side of the door to the bathroom, is a little bookshelf area. I switched out what bookshelf I wanted to put here multiple times. This one came from my office. I didn't take a picture of it but the inside back of the shelves are "wallpapered" with multi-colored striped paper just for fun. While some of these books were mine, Bebe did get many of them as gifts. I painted the previously gold mirror a brighter orange than it looks here. Got it from my neighbor's garage sale. The lamp was one I had but painted it, bought a new shade, and added some fun orange, ball trim. Miscellaneous stuff on the blue nightstand (that Hubby picked up for free in college and I painted and stenciled).

And what's that on the wall? It's part of the song lyrics to that song that made me bawl early on in my pregnancy. I think I mentioned that in a weekly post at some point. I figured if it made me have such a strong reaction, I should include it in some way. So I printed it up and put it in yet another painted frame that I had lying around. (What can I say? I'm cheap and green.)

On the other side of the bed (symmetry and all) is another framed piece I printed out that lists all the places the baby has traveled so far (except for Austin...totally forgot it and may one day add it in).

And here's the twin bed I finally caved and added. We originally had a full-sized bed in here but it was just too crowded. I didn't really want a bed at all but since Hubby got a job, I figured I we should have one since the baby and I may be spending more nights downstairs early on so that he can get some sleep. My MIL was kind enough to trade beds with us for the time being so we got this one set up today. Bedding is re-used from the full bed, pillow by my grandmother, valance by me.

Here's the rocking chair again, now in its proper home. I love this chair. I'm so glad we got to use it. It's fun to think that I'll be the one doing the rocking in it this time around (instead of being rocked). The reupholstering of this piece was by far the most expensive part of this super frugal room but worth every penny.

In/on the rocking chair is another pillow by my grandma, an afghan knitted by Hubby's 99.9-year-old grandmother, and this cute zebra gifted by Bebe's auntie:

And what's that hanging from the ceiling? Some super cute owls! One of my friends made these for the baby and actually included two more owls and two trees. All of them were meant to be grouped together as a mobile. Because they're so cute, I felt like I needed to spread them out a bit more throughout the nursery and adjacent bathroom. These 3 guys are hanging above the chair and I expect Bebe will enjoy looking up at them.

And that brings us around to the last wall which, again, I kinda love. Wall shelves that I've had for years that got a fresh coat of paint and the over 50-year-old dresser (gifted to my parents by my dad's parents for their wedding) that got several coats of paint and new hardware (and really cute drawer liners that I didn't take a picture of).

The basket to the right of the changing pad was the same one that held programs, maps, etc. at our wedding. The lamp is another one that I repainted and re-shaded (also trimmed the shade with white rickrack).

The shelves are filled with some new items for the baby as well as some old toys that were mine. There's a conch shell from Hubby's travels, some books I don't want Bebe to read by him/herself, and fun little bunting made by me (out of quilt scraps).

Given my frequent use of the word "love" in this post, you can probably tell that I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out. My vision of lots of white with pops of fun, bright colors was achieved, I think. I put more work into this room than any other in the house redo. It's been a lot of fun but has been such a slow process that I was kind of starting to get bored with it and doubt my choices. But seeing it all come together this weekend has been pretty exciting. I'm so glad to have it done before the baby's debut!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

week 37

Holy crap. It's the last fruit. The watermelon. That I have to push out of my body...

Total weight gain: Uh, I think we're getting close to 30. Still not sure how that's happening since I have people frequently telling me how small I am (including medical professionals who have no need to just be nice).

Movement: Same ol', same ol... Still very active and movements continue to be bigger, sometimes uncomfortable, and occasionally painful. I thought people said that the movements slow down as the baby gets more crowded. I think this baby just shoves things out of the way.

Cravings: Really, anything I don't have to cook.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, slightly less frequent crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, some pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness a lot of the time, more daytime pottying, Braxton Hicks (probably on more than 50% of days). Middle insomnia for about 1-2 hours about 5 days this week. Oh, and for a few weeks I've had digestive issues because the distance to my stomach is shorter. Weird. The new fun thing this week? Last night my hips started hurting. Like the ball-n-socket joint part. Multiple times where it felt like they could just pop out. Yeah, not a pleasant feeling or mental picture. What the hell do you do if your entire leg is dislocated? That's a really big part of your body. Have already had the same uneasy feeling today. I'm guessing relaxin is bad for me. Or else I'll be walking along and the baby will just fall out...

Belly button: Still in but about 1/4 of it is slightly poking out.

Preparations: Finished washing baby clothes and blankets. For real this time. Visited one of the pediatricians (liked her). And did some more daycare research. No real progress on baby names despite my nagging. Finished the dresser! Got almost everything put away and organized in the nursery. Mostly packed the hospital bag. Finished packing the diaper bag except for a potential going home outfit that I ordered online (I hope it makes it before the baby does). Ordered a few other things online and continue to buy diapers whenever I'm at the store. I really think the only 2 things left are to make the bedskirt (crib skirt?) and switch out beds with the in-laws. I didn't really want a bed in the nursery but since Hubby started his new job this week (praise tiny baby Christmas Jesus), I figure we should have an additional place to sleep. Oh, and we need to set up the car seat and have someone tell us if we did it right.

Milestones: Holy moly, it's January. This is our alleged birth month (unless we're a week late). Enter month 9. And last holiday season without a baby.

Weekly wisdom ponderings: I don't know about wisdom this week but I have been doing a lot of thinking.

  1. It's weird that my hair doesn't really fall out anymore. I know this will change but for now it's kinda freaky.

  2. I wonder what my last meal will be prior to contractions starting. I hope it's a good one that doesn't do anything bad to my tummy.

  3. I know this isn't a shocker but having a baby is a lot of responsibility. You have to make really grown up decisions. How do teenagers do this?

  4. They say that in addition to the regular nesting of pregnant ladies, you get a huge push immediately before labor starts. Now, seriously? If you know me, how am I supposed to even notice this? I've been off of work all week and the amount of things I've gotten done is pretty insane. I cleaned out and organized the entire sunroom (formerly, junk room). I should have taken a Before picture but here's the after. You can find stuff now (including the floor). And it wasn't on the list but I put down new tile in the master bath. I also have supplies to redo the sunroom floor but I may not get to that (especially with these stupid hip pains). So yeah... I don't know what more serious nesting could even look like.