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month four

Dear Chicken,
You turned 4 months old yesterday. Can you believe it? A third of a year? I'm a day late writing this because Daddy and I have been sick sick. We're not sure if you started this tummy bug or if your vomiting on Saturday morning was just a fluke. It's hard to tell with babies. Regardless, you've been in fine spirits (unlike Daddy and me). Daddy got sick first and was feeling better by last night. I was just kind of hanging in there so this month's pictures were taken by Daddy and edited by me (gotta give Daddy props). I like how in this picture you're giving the zebra the "mom arm."

It's been a very interesting month around here. I finally had surgery to remove my gallbladder. The pain I was having here and there since you were 3 weeks old should stop now. Recovery was a bit harder than I expected but was fairly short-lived. One of the worst parts for me, though, was not being able to take care of you properly. I wasn't supposed to …

chicken soup

Ok, so that's not a very reverent or religious title for a post about the baby's baptism. We baptized the baby on Mother's Day. I figured that would be a good day to do it (I made First Communion on Mother's Day 1985) and gave me a reason to have a little party. Considering it was Mother's Day and people may want to celebrate it in other ways, I was very surprised and honored that we had such a big group of our closest friends and family join us at church and for brunch afterwards.

A few notes about the day...
Chicken wore the dress I wore when I was baptized.

Would you like to see pictures of little cjm 34-ish years ago? Me, too. Unfortunately all the pictures from my baptism were destroyed by the photo processing place. Mom was sad/mad until she realized that the photo place had destroyed all of the wedding photos of another customer. Baptism photos didn't seem like quite as big of a deal to lose after hearing that. Maybe we can photoshop my head onto that chick…

thanks, blogger

So why would they delete my cholecystectomy post? It's gone. Not even in draft... That took a lot of effort from my poor little brain cells yesterday, too. Effort I don't think they can repeat. Short story? Surgery went well, recovering, 2 small incisions (one that looks yucky thru my belly button), loopy/sleepy from drugs, sad to not be able to take care of my daughter. Things are going better today. You know, except for my stolen post...


When I first started working in this field, I had no idea what that word meant when I ran across it in medical histories. You find it a lot. Now I'd like to go back and see how many women had to have their gallbladder removed shortly after a pregnancy. You know, just out of curiosity.

Had it removed on Tuesday morning. Anesthesia is awesome. That was the second time in about a month that I've woken up and thought, "Yea! I'm alive!" Of course, that was after a few seconds of getting my bearings. I had really good medical folks around me. I especially liked the anesthesiologist. She took extra time explaining things and gave me my IV just because she had a little free time. Great placement, almost no bruising. Apparently everything went well, and I hear that my surgeon said I would not have an outtie during the next pregnancy. (Just for the record, I didn't have one during the last pregnancy and no stitches were required to keep it that way.)

So, yeah. Only 2 sma…

easter, an excuse for cute outfits

I'm very slow at posting things these days... So, yeah. Easter. We had a jam-packed weekend of festivities and that meant Miss Chicken could pull out her finery. First up? Easter eve. We celebrated with a very nice dinner out with the in-laws. One gratuitous pic sans baby because look! We're out! At a fancy dinner! Second pic I love because she's smiling at me. Third, well, does it make us slightly less white trash because she's holding wine instead of beer?

Then her actual Easter dress. She was pooped before we even got started with the day. I was only pooped after.

And, no. I don't ever hold her when other people are around. :) Last up, her casual outfit and her Easter basket stuffed toys. And just some fun pics. The quilt she's posing with is her new, super cute Easter quilt from The Brother's MIL. She's awesome.

I'll try to get baptism pics up a little more quickly.