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Ok, so that's not a very reverent or religious title for a post about the baby's baptism. We baptized the baby on Mother's Day. I figured that would be a good day to do it (I made First Communion on Mother's Day 1985) and gave me a reason to have a little party. Considering it was Mother's Day and people may want to celebrate it in other ways, I was very surprised and honored that we had such a big group of our closest friends and family join us at church and for brunch afterwards.

A few notes about the day...
  1. Chicken wore the dress I wore when I was baptized.

  2. Would you like to see pictures of little cjm 34-ish years ago? Me, too. Unfortunately all the pictures from my baptism were destroyed by the photo processing place. Mom was sad/mad until she realized that the photo place had destroyed all of the wedding photos of another customer. Baptism photos didn't seem like quite as big of a deal to lose after hearing that. Maybe we can photoshop my head onto that chicken neck.

  3. Speaking of her neck, how good is it working to hold up her head? And she totally paid attention during the baptism. And surveyed her crowd. So cute.

  4. She also did really well with the water. And didn't do anything embarrassing during church. No diaper blowouts. No tears.

  5. She did take a brief nap during church. You know, a girl has to be perky for her party.

  6. She also wore her first accessories. The bracelet and ring belonged to her Great GREAT grandmother. Two greats, people. Thank goodness she didn't fling any of it off. Who would be able to find that tiny ring?! And her necklace was a gift (from one of her honorary grandmothers) to commemorate the day.

  7. Brunch is my favorite meal to make. The menu included two items I craved during pregnancy--mimosas (yea!) and Paula Deen's hashbrown casserole (YUM).

It was a really lovely way to spend my first Mother's Day. Big thanks to everyone who shared in the day.


Aww...she looks so cute. I love that you have family heirlooms for Scarlett. We don't have anything like that. Our families didn't really do that. :(
cjm said…
Our families are hoarders. :)
Patois said…
That is the best way to celebrate a first Mother's Day. Congrats!

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