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once upon a time

Way back in July, I marked a few things off the ol' Life List--visiting a new state (Minnesota) and a new ballpark (in, um, Minnesota). Because things got pretty crazy in August and September, I've totally neglected blogging about this.
So July 15-19. I traveled up to Minnesota with my MIL and SIL. We flew into Minneapolis and then drove on up to Pine River. It's a small, quaint little town with two motels. We chose the better one. They had a Dairy Queen and a farmer's market. We visited both. The main reason we went up this far north into the state was so that we could drive up to where my MIL spent summers as a kid. She hadn't been in a very long time and my SIL and I had never been.

One of the numerous lakes in Minnesota is Lake Ponto. It's small and quiet and has just a few lake houses on each side. We visited the house that my MIL's grandfather had built and talked to the next-door neighbors. Things were very much like my MIL remembered, and it was grea…

we interrupt the regularly scheduled program...

You know, of no mid-week posting, to bring you this. If you haven't already seen it floating around the blogosphere, there was a meeting of a bunch of lovely ladies recently. They were working on their life lists and goals and dreams and whatnot. You can read about it here and here and here.

One of the things the ladies were asked to do, is to pick 5 things off their life list that they would really work on in the coming year. And then ask for help making one of them happen. You can join in, too.

Here are my five:
Have a child. (And because that one may cause many of the others on my list to be delayed a bit...)Find the perfect mac n cheese recipe (still working on this one).And the perfect coconut cream pie recipe.Become a confident swimmer.Write a letter to a different person each week for a year.How about you? Goals? Dreams? Ability to help me with any of these--mainly 2 & 3?

week 23

Total weight gain: About 16.5 pounds.
Movement: No more flutterings. There are full-on movements. Towards the end of this week you can generally see them happening. This morning was the first punch (or kick or headbutt) that actually hurt me a little. But very entertaining.
Cravings: I can't think of anything from this week. Maybe Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Sooo good.
Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, just a tad more emotional. No additional leg cramps. No swelling even with 5 flights this week.
Belly button:
I think it's slightly more shallow but still really deep. I wonder if I have an abnormally deep belly button? Still cracks me up that it's so obviously an innie even when I have 2 layers of maternity clothes covering it.
Preparations: Since I was gone all week, not a lot of progress. Yesterday I bought a few items I needed to get a few more projects done. I've repainted a second lamp and got new lampshades. Bought shelf liner for inside the old …

week 22

Total weight gain: About 16 pounds. Broke into a number I've never seen before in the tens place...
Movement: Daily flutterings. Sometimes you can see them happening. Very subtle from the outside but stronger on the inside.
Cravings: Not much this week. After I got my hair cut yesterday I was lured in by the smell of nachos.
Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, side stitches (usually from not being able to change positions). For the first time I had those pesky nighttime leg cramps. They weren't really what I was expecting. Just one calf, cramped pretty strongly. I had read various ways people got rid of them but the best and easiest (especially if you're traveling solo) is to just point your toes up toward your shin (the opposite of the ballerina toe point). It hurts to force yourself to do this but then immediately relieves the cramp. I wish all pain were so easily remedied (for me at least). Another first is that I had a little swelling in my feet after my fl…

week 21

Total weight gain: Fortunately, the large weight gain hasn't become a trend. Back to the one pound increase (bringing us to about 15...).
Movement: Daily flutterings. Usually more than once a day. I do like the constant reminder that there's someone in there but I'm looking forward to movements that outsiders can feel, too. (I know. I'll be wishing these days were back once bebe is keeping me awake with punching and kicking.)
Cravings: Finally got the Paula Deen Hashbrown Casserole. Praise tiny baby (southern) Jesus. Have also been craving the sweet tea. And fruit.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams and baby brain continue. Forgetfulness. You know, these dreams aren't just crazy. They seem to also be non-stop. That makes me a little nuts because it doesn't feel like I'm getting rest since I'm so busy while sleeping. I've also been tired (between the dreaming and the working). And I've had the feeling of side stitches a few times but it's not like I'm j…

week 20

Total weight gain: Uh, it looks like I've gained 14 lbs. Whatever I didn't gain last week, I apparently made up for this week. Hmm...
Movement: Flutterings, flutterings, flutterings. Mostly only noticeable when I'm getting ready to drift off to crazy dreamland.
Cravings: Still haven't gotten that Paula Deen Hashbrown Casserole. Perhaps tomorrow. And I've wanted sweets. Thus the weight gain?

Symptoms: Crazy dreams and baby brain continue. Forgetfulness.

Belly button: No change.

Preparations: I've worked on the quilt and the valances. Finally figured out how to problem solve the mess I had made of them. And I started our registries. Oooh, ahhh. I couldn't stop giggling over the cuteness of the tiny clothes. Even when looking online. And I scheduled family (me, baby bump, Hubby, Maggie) portraits for late October. Hopefully the belly will be more evident in 7 weeks.
More nursery sneak peeks...

Milestones: Um, we're halfway, people. Crazy! (Please note that the s…