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i'm going to be a sister

Oh, wait. That's not right. I'm already a sister. I'm going to have a sister. In-law, that is. The Brother's girlfriend is now The Brother's fiance. That sounds so weird. He's never had one of those before. Congrats to both of them! Welcome to our dysfunctional family.

10 on tuesday (14)

10 Countries I'd Like to Visit
As always, these are in no particular order. Some made the list because of their natural beauty, some because they represent my heritage, and some because of their history. Now my passport is just itchin' to be used...
1. Greece 2. Germany 3. Australia (weird to me that it's both a continent and a country) 4. Costa Rica 5. Czech Republic 6. Egypt 7. Fiji 8. Hungary 9. Ireland 10. Italy (I know, it's Monday evening when I'm posting. I'm getting a jump on it this week... Actually, I won't have time to post until late Tuesday so I took the lesser of two evils. I, too, hate seeing the "Monday" up there.)

sigh again...

I'm sad that Biggio is retiring. I'm going to miss him, too.


I'm finished with Harry Potter. What am I supposed to do now? I looked forward to it and then didn't want to rush through it. But I couldn't help myself; it just reels you in. I will not spoil because that would just be mean. I noticed during the reading of this one that I liked to suspend my ever-present analytical side while reading all of her books so that I could be surprised with where she led me. I'll miss the anxiety and the fun. Reading "blimey." The friendship. Mostly the adventure. I don't think anyone will come close to topping this series for quite some time.

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10 Nicest Things That People Have Done for Me
I'm sure there will be some super nice thing that I won't think of to put on this list. I have anxiety about it. I'll be the person who won the Academy award and forgot to thank her husband.
My biological mother giving me up for adoption. I've learned a little bit about her situation at the time (still anonymous but details nonetheless) and I don't think I needed to fear her choosing not to have me. As her due date got closer, she started waffling about whether or not to give me up. Despite everything I've had to handle in my life, I couldn't imagine having different parents.
All those nice letters of recommendation people have written for me over the years. All those people took time out of their busy schedules to make me sound worthy of a spot in a grad school program or an actual job with a salary.
When I was in college I applied for, interviewed for, and eventually got a volunteer position at the Student Couns…

it's harry potter day!

I'm thru chapter 3. Here's the deal. It's the last book. That simultaneously makes me what to devour it as quickly as possible and drag it excruciatingly out so that it never ends. I really don't want to read it quickly. In fact, I'm forcing myself out of the house (for awhile anyway) so that I don't just sit here all day reading it. But again, there are people who legitimately waited for the book who are probably already finished with it (due to the combination of time differences around the world and the super crazed-ness of the fans). So what are the odds that I'll be able to avoid the media for even a week? You know everyone will be talking about whether or not it lived up to the hype. And dare I even read it on the plane? I don't want some putz saying, "Oh, you know blah blah blah happens, right?" Because then I'd have to kill him. And then they'd have to make an emergency landing. And I'd have to go to jail--all …

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10 Favorite Movies from My Childhood

I'm not sure what years constitute my childhood but here goes...

Dirty Dancing--I know. Children shouldn't have been allowed to watch it since the one brief sex scene hadn't been edited out.
The Princess Bride--So many quotes in this one. So little time...
E.T.--It was the first movie I remember seeing in the theatre.
Cocktail--My best friend at the time and I loved this one. Pre-crazy Tom Cruise...those were the days.
National Lampoon's Vacation--The original one. Good grief we watched this everyday the summer of '84.
Ghostbusters--Perhaps it was because of their catchy song. Or maybe because the library reminded me of the library my mom worked in at the time.
Beverly Hills Cop--I think because it was one of the first movies we owned on VHS.
Back to the Future--Come on, Micheal J. Fox was a hottie.
Pretty Woman--A fairy tale with hookers. Again, what's not to like?
Can't Buy Me Love--Mmmhmm, Patrick Dempsey pre-McDreamy. I was on…

i'm it

I've been tagged by Bubba's Mom. Here goes...

A- Attached or Single? Alas, still single. But at least attempting to change that. Sorta.
B- Best Friend: I don't like this term. It makes me feel like I have to pick just one. I have several. Then people say "you can't have several bests." I know, I know. Can't I have a best from every stage of my life? That would be Karen, Angelique, Nora, and Clara.
C- Cake or Pie: Pie, pie, me oh my. (Name that movie...)
D- Drink of Choice: Drink of the moment? Mojito. I have a lot of mint in my garden.
E- Essential Item: Laptop
F- Favourite Color: What's with the British spelling? I'm going with chocolate brown (as I sit in my chocolate brown office wearing chocolate brown shorts).
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Bears
H- Hometown: Lolita (seriously...and I've just outed myself in the blog world.)
I- Indulgence: Clothes, shoes (indulgences but bargains)
J- January or February: February, my birthday
K- Kids: Yes, please. Hopeful…

how you know the town you're in is not hip

The radio station mentions that "this is one of the most influential female artists currently--Melissa Etheridge" and "here's the brand new one from KT Tunstall--Suddenly I See."

Using the word "hip?" How you know you're not...

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10 Favorite Things

This one is an optional photo post. Alas, I'm not home and didn't plan ahead so no new pics here. Ten favorite things seems like a broad category. I've decided to pick one favorite thing from 10 rooms of my house.

1. The porch. I guess this isn't technically in my house but I love it. I love seeing people sitting out there enjoying it.

2. The spice rack in the kitchen. I love this more than I should. I include it on the tour of my house. The day I installed it I wanted to call people and share the excitement. Who would share that kind of excitement? Seriously. You, too, can have one for the low price of $14.99 at The Container Store.

3. The painting my dad did that hangs in my living room. We have maybe 4 or 5 paintings of his that are in various stages of completion. All contain horses and have a decidedly cowboy feel.

4. The Tiffany-style light in my dining room. I've loved stained glass forever. I really hated the light that I inherited with the ho…

better late than never

I'm feeling somewhat lacking in the blogging area lately. Just doesn't seem like there's a whole lot to write about. Despite that, Bubba's Sis has given me a blogging award recently. According to her, I'm a:

That's pretty cool. I'm supposed to bestow it upon 5 other deserving chicas. And they are to do the same. I didn't want to give it to people who are "famous" bloggers or ones who I know have already received it. So here goes...Geek hasn't been able to blog all that much lately. She has a pretty good excuse what with the new baby and all. She has interesting things to say, good links to other blogs, and may occasionally post pics of her super cute baby. What's not to like?StaceyG will make you think. She knew The Secret long before the media beat it into us. She's also witty and is publishing a book. That really does rock.SamanthaJo has already won the Thinking Blogger Award but who couldn't use another award (despi…

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10 Things to Do Before I Die

Why are these always so hard? Maybe that's the point. To get us to think. Get married.
Have babies.
Travel to every state.
Travel to every continent. Well, I could probably skip Antarctica.
Own a dog again.
Feel confident in this body of mine.
Probably try my hand at a different career. Not sure what...
Write at least one really good poem.
Learn all the words to r.e.m.'s "It's the End of the World As We Know It."

rain, rain, go away

If you live in Texas, it seems like this movie couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. Has it stopped raining for longer than a day in the last two months? This is not good. My grass is green and lush and will be about 3 feet tall before I get a chance to mow it again. On July 4th we'll be able to watch the fireworks or, you know, the destruction that the lightning causes. I have a convertible now for Pete's sake. Please give us a break...