10 on tuesday (11)

10 Favorite Things

This one is an optional photo post. Alas, I'm not home and didn't plan ahead so no new pics here. Ten favorite things seems like a broad category. I've decided to pick one favorite thing from 10 rooms of my house.

1. The porch. I guess this isn't technically in my house but I love it. I love seeing people sitting out there enjoying it.

2. The spice rack in the kitchen. I love this more than I should. I include it on the tour of my house. The day I installed it I wanted to call people and share the excitement. Who would share that kind of excitement? Seriously. You, too, can have one for the low price of $14.99 at The Container Store.

3. The painting my dad did that hangs in my living room. We have maybe 4 or 5 paintings of his that are in various stages of completion. All contain horses and have a decidedly cowboy feel.

4. The Tiffany-style light in my dining room. I've loved stained glass forever. I really hated the light that I inherited with the house.

5. The map in my office that contains little pins that mark all the places I've been (both for how it looks and what it means).

6. My bedroom furniture (no pics yet). I love that a hodge podge of other people's castoffs has turned into a pretty good look. I also like that it shows that The Brother and I can be quite handy and can see the treasure that may be, um, sitting on the side of the road.

7. My family photo wall in the hallway (aka the tiny room). All the ones up right now show where I came from. I like that history.

8. Mom's old sewing machine and table in what was formerly known as the purple room (and is now just the guest room--no longer purple!!! Pics soon.) It reminds me of both my parents.

9. The ugly bathroom...hmmm, hopefully one day there will be many favorite things here. Now, not so much. I'll go with the glass doorknobs.

10. The built-in shelves in the master bath. I just love shelves. After living in a tiny apartment where I had to be super creative with storage, it's nice to not have to be... (They are now more organized than this old picture.)

(Why am I still awake at 12:15?)


JennieBoo said…
I really enjoyed your 10. I have to say the tiffany style window is my favorite.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Tuesday...

Now get some sleep! :D
Frances said…
A very nice ten. I know what you mean about the spice rack - sometimes you buy a little something that you just LOVE.
Thanks for sharing.
The sewing macine reminded me of my grandmother,
Patois said…
I like how you narrowed your things to those in your house. I'm with you on the porch!
Crimson Wife said…
Interesting take on the theme! Happy Tuesday :-)
Bubba's Sis said…
What a great way to do this week's theme! I love your house, as you know - so I agree with all 10 of your things!
km said…
I would like to back the spice rack! It totally rocks. I saw it at her house, fell in love, and bought one for myself! Installation is also a piece of cake!

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