Saturday, November 27, 2010

week 32

Last week of the squash!

Total weight gain: About 24 pounds per the doctor's office scale. Really packing it on now it seems...

Movement: Very active and prefers my right side. Seems like there's more activity throughout the day.

Cravings: Caffeine. And the typical Thanksgiving foods.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, some crazy back pain, some hip pain from sleeping on my side (although I've figured out how to kind of minimize this by changing how I'm sleeping), good hair, some pressure from baby settling or ligament pain (but I'm learning how to avoid this turning into pain), general feeling of uncomfortable-ness is getting more frequent, more daytime pottying, Braxton Hicks. Also a few nights were it's hard for me to get back to sleep after a bathroom break. No fun. One funny thing re: crazy dreams. On Thursday morning I dreamt that we brought the baby home without having decided a name. Baby was a boy (for the record, I've also had baby-is-a-girl dreams). Hubby was holding Baby Boy and answering the door as we had visitors. As a side note, I was doing remarkably well for just having had a baby. Anyway, the visitors ask what we named the baby and I heard Hubby answer. I asked him to repeat himself. Apparently he said we named the baby "Orel Galveston." I said, "Um, no we didn't." Baby has occasionally been called Orel since then.

Belly button: Still in.

Preparations: Washed most of the baby clothes we've received so far. Organized the shower gifts to some degree. Played a game of musical shelves so that the baby's room could have a slightly bigger/better one (instead of buying a new one). Painted it. Sanded the dresser. I really need to finish that so I can put stuff away. Started a few lists for what to pack in the diaper bag and the hospital bag. Any suggestions?

Milestones: Baby's first Thanksgiving? Really, I can't think of anything. Oh, had my first doctor's appointment on the new Q2wk schedule. Weird to be going so frequently already...

Weekly wisdom: Make lots of lists. There's always so much to do (even without pregnancy going on). But I have a harder time keeping track of it all. And because I'm almost done with my little week-long vacation, I'm feeling like I didn't get enough crossed off that list. So it's a short one today...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

week 31

Ugh, still with the weird squash...

Total weight gain: About 22 pounds.

Movement: Very active and prefers my right side. Since the baby tends to move more when I'm still (and vice versa), he or she is often having a dance party right before I go to bed. I asked Hubby last night if he thought the baby would sleep at appropriate times after birth if I became nocturnal for the remainder of the pregnancy...

Cravings: I ate really pretty healthily last week so I wanted fast food this week. Sorry, baby.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, some crazy back pain, some hip pain from sleeping on my side (although I've figured out how to kind of minimize this by changing how I'm sleeping), good hair, some pressure from baby settling or ligament pain (but I'm learning how to avoid this turning into pain), general feeling of uncomfortable-ness is getting more frequent, more daytime pottying. And while it was probably new a week or two ago, it is clear now that there have been some Braxton Hicks.

Belly button: Still in. Yea!

Preparations: I made a list of what needs to be done and marked two things off of it. Cleaned out the baby's bathroom and nursery closet. Granted, things from the closet haven't been properly put away yet but I'm off most of next week so that's on the agenda. Got another recommendation for a pediatrician.

Milestones: Had fabulous Baby Shower #2 last Saturday. A real post on that still to come. Also? Lamaze and hospital tour today. And it was finally time for our postponed maternity/family shoot. I go tomorrow to see the proofs and figure out what to buy. Here are the teasers that I'm totally in love with (from Week 30, Day 5)!

Might I add that it kind of even looks like fall in these? And that I love my husband and dog. They're both so cute.

Weekly wisdom: Let me preface this one by saying that I love my family. They're great and supportive and I don't know what I'd do without them. That being said, my friends are really awesome, too. Over the years I've learned that you can't get all your needs met by one person (or, for me, even by a small handful of people). I think this realization makes relationships a lot easier in a way. I think if you expected your spouse or anyone else to fill all the roles you need in life, you'd be continuously and sorely disappointed. So, for me? It takes a village. Shower #2 (the "friends" shower) reminded me how great all my people are. So many people came, some of whom I hadn't seen in quite awhile, some from long distances. And everyone was so supportive. It was exactly what I needed. I'm so grateful to all of them for loving me and this baby they still have yet to meet. So I guess the wisdom is to 1) let lots of people meet your needs and 2) appreciate it when they do.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bebe shower #1

My first baby shower was the day before Halloween, hosted by my SIL (The Brother's wife) and her mother. Guests were mostly family and some friends of the family. Most of the ladies were mothers (or grandmothers or great-grandmothers) so there was a lot of experience in that room. And a little advice.

The theme was fall (with a few Halloween decorations thrown in because it was, after all, the day before Halloween). As usual, the ladies did a great job on decorations and food. I love that one guest said that she had eaten before she came and another responded with, "Oh, I didn't. The last time I was here they had great food." And she's right.

Uh, yeah. See that? Super freakin' cute pumpkin babies. I took those home and they're still sitting in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I have a feeling Hubby will use them for pie next week. So. Cute. Also? Punch. Mmmmm...

I'll spare you the crazy faces I make when opening presents and move right along to some of my favorite items we received that day. The hostesses gifted the baby a college-themed package. Both of our undergrad schools were represented.

The shower invitation suggested bringing a book for Bebe's library. People delivered:

My FIL excitedly purchased multiple books. And this cute frog. He looks like an old man to me. The frog, not my FIL.

My aunt and her children and grandchildren got us several nice things including this "I Spy" quilt that a local lady made. Each block has something fun that you can ask the baby to find, like frogs or birds.

Another part of the collegiate package was this awesome blanket. When I opened it up, I could just see the maroon/Aggie side. I was making a comment on how the package was biased (um, as it should be) towards A&M. Then my SIL told me to turn it over. The other side is black and gives a shout out to Georgia Tech.

I could honestly put about 30 pictures up here showing all the great stuff we got from friends and family during the shower as well as thoughtful packages we received in the mail leading up to it. Everyone was so generous and it's all greatly appreciated. I'll just show you one more item. Some receiving blankets. I don't know why I think these are so cute but seriously? Those tiny elephants? Very excited to see a little baby wrapped up in these. And proof that you don't need to know the gender of the baby to buy/receive cute things.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

week 30

Total weight gain: Still about 21 pounds.

Movement: Very active. Had a doctor's appointment this week where the little machine to hear the heartbeat wasn't working at first but no need to be concerned as the baby was moving just moments before...

Cravings: Not really anything this week. Weird. The Bradley Method class/instructor/medical proponents recommend a high protein diet. I never knew how hard it was to eat so much protein. I'm basically not stressing over it but trying to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, some crazy back pain, some hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, some pressure from baby settling or ligament pain (but I'm learning how to avoid this turning into pain), general feeling of uncomfortable-ness at times, more daytime pottying. Sleep hasn't been great this week but still fewer potty breaks. And I know I haven't mentioned this (because of some readers), but I have boobs. For like the first time in my life. And on some days? Cleavage. What is that?! (Ok, last time I mention it.)

Belly button: Still in. Maybe we should take bets on if/when it will pop.

Preparations: Nothing. Resting on my laurels from last week. Oh, I did check into one pediatrician's office.

Milestones: Holy moly, people...30 weeks. Yikes. Let me repeat, yikes. And baby shower #2 today. Woohoo!

Weekly wisdom: Let's go for a lighter topic than last week, shall we? I think it's common knowledge that pregnant women like to need to nest. There's only so much you can do before the baby showers since you generally get gifts at them and you would like to see what other people are kind enough to buy before you go out and duplicate purchases. That being said, I say have your baby shower(s) early if possible. We originally scheduled them early just because I wanted to avoid the whole holiday craziness. But it's nice that I'm not horribly gigantic and miserable, I still look relatively cute in the pictures (unless you count the ones my cousin took at the last one. Bonus weekly wisdom--never give a family member the camera.), and now I can go buy cute baby things. CUTE BABY THINGS! I'm very excited. The downside of this, of course, is that I seriously need to clean out the baby's closet and finish that dresser...

Saturday, November 06, 2010

week 29

Holy moly, we're finally done with the eggplant! That's some sort of squash and we're in the 7th month. SEVENTH. MONTH.

Total weight gain: About 21 pounds. Moving on from the plateau. Also? I think my belly has really grown. Maybe I should have been keeping waist measurements, too.

Movement: More of the same--still very active. We're allegedly around the peak time for activity. We start going downhill a little now as the baby starts to have a little less wiggle room.

Cravings: Hmm, just reading about that taco salad from last week makes me want one. No real cravings (besides sweets). I have had a few really good sandwiches this week, though.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, less crazy back pain, some hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, some pressure from baby settling, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness at times. Better sleeping this week with fewer potty breaks. Woohoo! But, you know, during the day I get the feeling of having to potty more frequently. And so it begins...

Belly button: Still in. Saw a girl in the airport this week who was about as big as me (or maybe a little smaller) and had a clear outtie. Sorry, girl.

Preparations: We bought a car! That will safely hold a baby and his/her stuff! And we got the rocking chair back! Two very exciting preparations! (Pics to was a long week and I feel most compelled to tidy up the house this morning. EDIT: Yea! Pictures!)

I'm really enjoying this car now that I'm back in town. Yea for that! (Notice sneaky, photobombing dog in the background.)

Rocking chair before/after:

Milestones: I DO NOT HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES! 3-hour glucose test wasn't as bad as I was expecting. And I could not have been more relieved at the results. Due to the weird pressure I've been feeling, I had my first internal exam in months. Everything checked out ok but we both thought we'd rather be safe than sorry.

Also? Had the first baby shower last Saturday. It was very nice. Good food, good people, good gifts. People were so generous. I'll try to do a post later this week with my favorite items of the day.

Weekly wisdom: Isn't it funny how you go about life thinking and saying things and not really thinking anything of it until you're in that situation? And then you think you were crazy before? This happened a lot during wedding planning and it's probably happening even more during pregnancy. While strangers are now freely asking me about my due date or calling me "Mama," they haven't given much advice (which is kind of nice). Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers? They've been a little more vocal. The differences between the generations have become pretty obvious, as well as the differences between folks who are more traditional vs. more progressive in their thinking. So I try to take the things people say, think about all the crazy nonsense I've said in the past, and realize what I need to do to be less offensive and more supportive in the future. So here's my wisdom--if you hear someone say something that you disagree with (when it's a total matter of opinion, perhaps even a matter of opinion concerning that person's own body), just keep it to yourself. Try to support that person's decisions. Or just wish them luck. Or perhaps even ask them about their decision-making process. Any of those. Telling them that they'll change their mind isn't all that helpful of a response (even if you honestly think it's the truth). (I know, kind of vague to protect the well-meaning.)

The second thing I realized this week is kind of sad. Sorry for that. Certain circumstances in life have led me to not be quite as excited during this time as I'd like to be. And other circumstances kind of have me feeling like I can't be as outwardly excited as I am on the inside. The only one I care to mention is that pregnancy? It's harder (at least for me) without a mother. I have lots of friends and family who have really done a great job being supportive but there's still a hole. (Not currently wallowing in it, though.) Major life events for a motherless daughter are bittersweet.

Not to end on a horribly sad note... Here's me 5 weeks ago and again yesterday. I think this is enough of a difference for strangers to feel comfortable assuming I'm pregnant. That makes me happy.

Monday, November 01, 2010

at least the firemen could have seen my cute hair

Lordy, people. So there's baby brain and then there's BABY BRAIN. Since I have the 3-hour glucose test tomorrow, I hear I'm supposed to pack in some carbs. I made breakfast tacos this morning. About an hour later, I leave the office (where I was eating) and something smells a little weird. I go in the kitchen and find this:

That's what happens to a plastic spoon when you leave it resting on a pan. An empty pan. An empty pan that is still sitting on top of a lit burner. Oh, well. This isn't the first weird plastic disaster this kitchen has seen (and no one was even pregnant then).

Good. Grief.

In other news, I keep forgetting to mention in my weekly updates that my hair is finally starting to get good. (I know that's horrible grammar but that's how I'm compelled to say it.) I didn't have the never-lose-a-strand-of-hair thing going on at the beginning of the pregnancy but the last few weeks have really turned around. I know the picture below isn't the greatest but I tell ya, I have reasonably good hair even in the mornings after going to bed with it wet (minus the Farrah Faucet bangs I end up with from sleeping on wet hair).

Here's 28 weeks +2 days: