at least the firemen could have seen my cute hair

Lordy, people. So there's baby brain and then there's BABY BRAIN. Since I have the 3-hour glucose test tomorrow, I hear I'm supposed to pack in some carbs. I made breakfast tacos this morning. About an hour later, I leave the office (where I was eating) and something smells a little weird. I go in the kitchen and find this:

That's what happens to a plastic spoon when you leave it resting on a pan. An empty pan. An empty pan that is still sitting on top of a lit burner. Oh, well. This isn't the first weird plastic disaster this kitchen has seen (and no one was even pregnant then).

Good. Grief.

In other news, I keep forgetting to mention in my weekly updates that my hair is finally starting to get good. (I know that's horrible grammar but that's how I'm compelled to say it.) I didn't have the never-lose-a-strand-of-hair thing going on at the beginning of the pregnancy but the last few weeks have really turned around. I know the picture below isn't the greatest but I tell ya, I have reasonably good hair even in the mornings after going to bed with it wet (minus the Farrah Faucet bangs I end up with from sleeping on wet hair).

Here's 28 weeks +2 days:


Kimbo said…
I have to say that I am so glad to see you past week 28. You know why. And I'm glad that you have great hair. In my opinion, it is red hair, so it has always been great hair. But I know what you Angie Everhart hair. Hope you had a great shower too.
Three Peas said…
At least you didn't almost burn the house down as I did while I was in the shower. ;)
You look great!!!
Patois42 said…
You're looking mighty fine!

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