Saturday, October 30, 2010

week 28

Total weight gain: About 20 pounds (confirmed by doctor's scale this week). Seems like we've hit a plateau. Not that I'm complaining...

Movement: More of the same--still very active. There have been some really big movements this week. It is entertaining and kind of freaks me out at the same time.

Cravings: Well, since I'm trying to eat less sugar and simple carbs, that's all I want. I'd love to eat all that Halloween candy. And mashed potatoes. Mac n cheese... In trying to limit the carbs yet joining in on my SIL's Masters degree celebration, I had a taco salad last night. VERY GOOD.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, less crazy back pain. At time, beginning to feel a little uncomfortable in general. And my hips sometimes are a little sore again from having to sleep on them all night. Also? Twice this week I've gotten up to go to the bathroom and my brain has actually turned on. What's this? Usually I can just stumble around to do my business and fall right back asleep. I was up for hours these two nights. It was so boring just lying'd think that would cause me to fall asleep.

Belly button: It's smaller than normal but still in. I was admiring Hubby's comparatively ginormous belly button the other day.

Preparations: I've done nothing at all in the nursery this week. I have no idea why. But we've received lots of presents from folks who can't make it to our baby showers. At least someone has been trying to prepare for the baby. Oh, I did buy a baby book.

Milestones: Had the 1-hour glucose test on Monday and failed. Go in on Tuesday for the 3-hour test. In addition to all the health implications (for me and bebe), please don't let me have to make it through the holidays with gestational diabetes... In more (fun) news, first baby shower today! More on that next week but I'm looking forward to it. And I'm not sure if this is a milestone or a preparation but we had our first birth-related class this week. We're taking a 10-week Bradley Method class. It's hosted by a woman locally and one other couple is taking it with us. Interesting so far.

Weekly wisdom: After buying the new baby book yesterday, I dug out mine. Hubby says he doesn't have one. (I'll have to check to see if that's true.) Lord knows mine is very incomplete but I loved looking at it every now and then when I was growing up. Yesterday was the first time I looked at it since getting pregnant. I'm really going to try to be good about completing one for the baby (and try even harder for potential baby #2 since they always get the shaft) but I totally understand how this ends up not taking first priority. Try. You never know what's going to happen. I don't have anyone to ask how I old I was when this or that milestone happened. No one can tell me if I was a good sleeper. Write that stuff down. Somewhere. On a post-it. Whatever. The information and the sentiment and that it's in my mom's handwriting? Invaluable.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

week 27

Total weight gain: About 20 pounds. I swear I don't know where it's going since I still look fairly small for the beginning of the 3rd trimester. So much so that we postponed maternity pics for a few weeks. A little disappointing but at least I'll actually look pregnant in them...

Movement: Still very active. Baby likes conference calls, eating, and bedtime. Baby also likes hiding when Hubby is looking.

Cravings: Still loving the red grapes and the apples dipped in caramel. Trying to cut back on the caramel, though. And parfaits (generally yogurt, red grapes, and granola) have been tasty. Trying to cut back on the sugar, though.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, that crazy back pain, the occasional slightly swollen ankles due to flying or overworking myself. There was some really good, crazy dream this week that I should have noted earlier since I now have no recollection. My allergies are finally starting to settle down. So glad it didn't go to a full-blown sinus infection. I would have been a sad, unmedicated camper.

Belly button: It's holding its own from last week.

Preparations: Hung the valances (which also meant I had to re-hang the drapes...long story). Finished some wall art and hung that. Figured out the final piece of art but can't finish it till the baby is here. Made some small bunting out of leftover fabric so the baby can have something fun to look at during diaper changes and because I love bunting. Recovered what will be the foot stool to accompany the rocking chair. And we finally dropped the rocking chair off today! It will allegedly be back and reupholstered in about 10 days. Awesome. What's left on the list? Painting the dresser and lining its drawers. Still need 4 new knobs for it. Make the skirt for the crib. Moving the bed out of the room (which we'll do much later since we sometimes need to sleep apart for comfort/space reasons). I may paint a small bookshelf and need to paint a frame for the last piece of art. Then clean out the closet and bathroom for baby stuff and I think that's about it. I may be forgetting something but that seems like a reasonably short list to me.

Milestones: The countdown to baby is less than 100 days. A two-digit number. Freaky. On Monday I go for my 1-hour glucose screening. Not exactly looking forward to it. Mostly cutting sugar out the 3.5 days leading up to it. Mostly. Trying not to binge even though sweets are so good.

Weekly wisdom: There were several things I thought about this week that I wanted to include in the weekly update but have since forgotten. Seriously, in 2-3 days? I can't remember things? Sigh... So write things down because you can't get this good, interesting material back. Also, take breaks. I pretty much haven't adjusted my schedule or activity level but last Sunday my ankles showed that. So I'm going to take it a little easier.

Monday, October 18, 2010

a case of the mondays

Let me preface all of this by saying that it hasn't really put me in a bad mood. That's progress, right? Even with all these crazy pregnancy hormones. Go figure...
  • So I'm reading this book on hypnobirthing because Hubby wants me to. I think if he were to read it he'd think differently. I mean, if it's too fruity for me it will DEFINITELY be too fruity for him. I'm hoping there's at least a little to take away. That, and it's about 100 pages. Anyway, before bed I was reading a chapter about dream interpretation. So of course I wake up this morning after having this freaky long, detailed dream that ends with what? My tooth falling out. The only recurring dream I've ever had. Thanks a lot, hypnobirthing. Have I mentioned how much I HATE those dreams? And Monday arrives...
  • Last night I made this pretty good Mexican casserole out of some random stuff we had and only going very loosely by a recipe. I was looking forward to leftovers. What do I see sitting on the stove this morning? Meaning, sitting on the stove all night? Sigh...
  • I got locked out of Facebook.
  • Internet access is a little sketchy this morning.
  • I tried to log into our work network, leaving the computer to do its thing while grabbing cereal from the kitchen. Come back to find that the computer has restarted itself.
  • Maybe it was trying to save me from the accusatory email I got from a co-worker first thing this morning...
  • Take a break to take a shower. Get out of the shower to hear crazy peeps in the neighborhood screaming and cursing at each other. Why is there never a police presence then? Why must people ruin the quietness that is the neighborhood on this perfectly nice fall day?

I think I'll go eat a cookie. Happy Monday to you all.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

week 26

Total weight gain: Still about 19 pounds.

Movement: Still very active. I can tell the baby is getting bigger because I could only feel movements in small areas before. Now I can sometimes feel a big movement across half my belly.

Cravings: Still loving the red grapes and the apples dipped in caramel.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night. I have had a few nights in the last couple of weeks where I haven't had to get up to go to the bathroom (which is awesome). Still with the mid- to low-back pain on my right side. Got a massage yesterday. She really worked on that spot and it felt good immediately after but I think was just sore last night. Doing ok today. Also still battling the allergies.

Belly button: I think it's getting smaller.

Preparations: Finished the valances but need to hang them. Have a few more ideas for wall art. Got some yard work out of the way this morning so maybe I'll work on valances and the dresser. The Hubby has almost finished staining and sealing the wooden parts of the rocking chair. Fingers crossed that it can make it in to the upholstery shop this week.

Milestones: I think I lied last week. I think now is the official beginning of the 3rd trimester. Eh, whatever. We're in it for sure. Also, Baby got his/her first shower gift yesterday. I was a little overwhelmed that people are buying things for this little person we have yet to meet.

Weekly wisdom: I know some people say they get a pet to prepare them for having children. I think people with children think this is nuts. And I may, too. But. While working in the yard this morning, Hubby and Maggie were out at a doggie socializing walk at one of the local shelters. I started thinking that having a pet (maybe a dog in particular) probably does prepare you in a baby step sort of way (sorry for the word choice). I mean, someone else is depending on you for all their needs--exercise, food, water, shelter, health care, love, attention, training, etc. You can't just drop everything and go as easily as before. You need to depend on other people (whether kind friends and family or strangers who get paid) to provide this care when you can't. You have to work as a team with your spouse. There are things that would normally drive you a little crazy but they don't because you love this little creature. And, probably most importantly, this morning I realized that it's really nice and fortunate that Hubby and I are generally on the same page when it comes to raising her. We have the same basic rules and goals for how we'd like her to behave. I think that makes things go much more smoothly. I've really enjoyed adding Maggie to our household and seeing the change in dynamics. I love watching her interact with Hubby. I was anxious for them to get back home this morning so I could hear how it went. Basically, if this is a tiny glimpse of what parenthood is like, magnifying all the good and bad and stress and responsibility by 100, I'm pretty excited for it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

week 25

A few days late... But, hey! The baby is developing into an eggplant now!

Total weight gain: Still about 19 pounds.

Movement: Generally, bouts first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Plus a few times in the middle of the day and at least once during the night. This baby is crazy active.

Cravings: Still loving the red grapes. And had some watermelon again and it was particularly good. And since it's fall? I could eat about a dozen apples dipped into that pre-made caramel sauce they sell in grocery stores.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, difficulty sleeping. I think I finally found a reasonably good pillow so while I may not be sleeping as well as I did pre-pregnancy, at least I'm not waking up with the same neck and shoulder pain. Oh, but speaking of pain, I have been getting some lower back pain on my right side after sitting for extended periods. Not fun. I foresee more massages in my future.

Belly button: Holding steady.

Preparations: Finished the quilt! Since we were pretty busy this past week and weekend, I think that's about all I did. I need to finish those valances and make a bed skirt. Crib skirt? I'm hoping we can finally take the rocking chair in this week so re-upholstery can begin. And maybe I can start painting the dresser.

Milestones: Yesterday was the official beginning of the 3rd trimester. Please excuse me while I freak out. I did have a minor wave of overwhelm as I was skimming a daycare packet that one of my friends kindly brought over. I just suddenly felt the weight of being responsible for another human. And I guess a kind of milestone is that I got sick for the first time since pregnant--battling the allergies. It looks like pollen counts will be going down tomorrow and Wednesday so hopefully I can push through.

Weekly wisdom: I feel all out of wisdom. Maybe just the "live in the moment" thing that is a general life goal. As I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable at times and the baby is moving like crazy, I try to remind myself that I should appreciate where we are now. That I'm guaranteed to get even less comfortable before it gets better. And that these baby movements were the same ones I was so anxious for (and I do enjoy them except when I get a punch in the ribs or something).

This weekend the baby traveled to the Alamo... (Also? I think my face is looking weird. Maybe it's just in pictures.)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

week 24 belly shots

Better late than never. I'm finally home and could finally get these off the camera. These are from last Sunday (24 weeks +1). You'll notice that sometimes I have fake smiles...

The dog didn't pose this week. So lately I've been wondering where all my weight is sticking to me since so many people are still surprised I'm even pregnant. Um, I think I found it. It's in my giant butt. Maybe there's a second baby in there...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

week 24

Total weight gain: About 19 pounds. We had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I was at about 17 pounds. It seems that we’re really not imagining that the belly has grown a lot this week.

Movement: All the time. Sometimes while I’m supposed to be sleeping. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

Cravings: Red grapes. I decided that this craving may be trying to meet my champagne craving. Or something. Hey, at least it’s relatively healthy.
Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, all emotions (especially the crazy ones) are just under the surface. No additional leg cramps. No flights = no swelling. Difficulty sleeping. It’s just hard to get comfortable. I miss sleeping on my tummy. So sad… The most exciting (in a scary way) thing this week is that I had a full-on nosebleed. Just sitting there watching “Sicko” (of all things) and suddenly… Well, you know what happens. Yuck. Had to revert back to basic first aid but once I forced myself to quit releasing pressure to check the progress, it stopped. I had heard that this is more common in pregnant women but it’s not exactly a glamorous event. And, for the record, there are all sorts of manly bodily functions during pregnancy, too. Don’t think I’ve escaped them…just avoiding disclosing them at length here.

Belly button: I don’t think there’s been a big change from last week. We’re holding steady with an innie. I don’t know why this part freaks me out, but it does.

Preparations: I’m so close to finishing the quilt. If only I could be home one more evening… So it may be done this week. I also spackled and touched up some old holes in the walls and re-hung shelves in a different location (after repainting them). Also painted a few picture frames. Made a few final adjustments to the mobile. Bought new drawer pulls for the dresser. Did a little organizing. So basically just a few not-terribly-exciting odds-n-ends that just needed to get done. I’m excited at the progress, though. Can’t wait to have the dresser painted and the rocking chair finished.

Milestones: Baby is doing fine. The doctor was pleased with my weight gain, size, baby’s heartrate. Most exciting thing is that the baby is now considered viable. That’s a pretty big deal. However, since he or she only weighs a little over a pound, Hubby thinks we should try to keep him or her cooking a bit longer. I couldn’t agree more. Also, last night we were in bed and it seemed like my belly was a little lopsided. Hubby poked at the high point (off to the right of the belly button) and asked if it was a head. I felt it along with my left side and told him that I wasn’t sure if it was a head but it definitely was a baby. I told him it was much harder on that side than the other. He felt it and I think it freaked us both out a little. Intellectually we know there’s a baby in there but it’s still weird.

Weekly wisdom: Like I said, having a hard time sleeping. And I don’t want to make the jump to the giant body pillow. I feel crowded enough already. But I’ve added a second pillow as well as a small wedge pillow. So far I’m liking it. Still wish I had a good pillow for my actual head. I wake up so sore in my neck and shoulders. Blah. Anyway, I guess the wisdom is the wedge pillow. I just assumed it was only for use in propping up the ever-expanding belly but my doctor suggested using it under my back while lying on my back. That way I could get off my side for awhile but not risk cutting off circulation to the baby and me. Great idea! On the other hand, a kind of sad bit of wisdom? I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner, but I was talking to a 38-weeks pregnant stranger in Target yesterday and she brought it to my attention that I won’t be stomach sleeping while newly breastfeeding either. Sigh… This should not come as a surprise but it still made me a little sad.

Belly pics will get added later in the week. We took them this morning but I didn’t have time to upload before flying to Chicago. And the baby is still a papaya, for the record...