week 26

Total weight gain: Still about 19 pounds.

Movement: Still very active. I can tell the baby is getting bigger because I could only feel movements in small areas before. Now I can sometimes feel a big movement across half my belly.

Cravings: Still loving the red grapes and the apples dipped in caramel.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night. I have had a few nights in the last couple of weeks where I haven't had to get up to go to the bathroom (which is awesome). Still with the mid- to low-back pain on my right side. Got a massage yesterday. She really worked on that spot and it felt good immediately after but I think was just sore last night. Doing ok today. Also still battling the allergies.

Belly button: I think it's getting smaller.

Preparations: Finished the valances but need to hang them. Have a few more ideas for wall art. Got some yard work out of the way this morning so maybe I'll work on valances and the dresser. The Hubby has almost finished staining and sealing the wooden parts of the rocking chair. Fingers crossed that it can make it in to the upholstery shop this week.

Milestones: I think I lied last week. I think now is the official beginning of the 3rd trimester. Eh, whatever. We're in it for sure. Also, Baby got his/her first shower gift yesterday. I was a little overwhelmed that people are buying things for this little person we have yet to meet.

Weekly wisdom: I know some people say they get a pet to prepare them for having children. I think people with children think this is nuts. And I may, too. But. While working in the yard this morning, Hubby and Maggie were out at a doggie socializing walk at one of the local shelters. I started thinking that having a pet (maybe a dog in particular) probably does prepare you in a baby step sort of way (sorry for the word choice). I mean, someone else is depending on you for all their needs--exercise, food, water, shelter, health care, love, attention, training, etc. You can't just drop everything and go as easily as before. You need to depend on other people (whether kind friends and family or strangers who get paid) to provide this care when you can't. You have to work as a team with your spouse. There are things that would normally drive you a little crazy but they don't because you love this little creature. And, probably most importantly, this morning I realized that it's really nice and fortunate that Hubby and I are generally on the same page when it comes to raising her. We have the same basic rules and goals for how we'd like her to behave. I think that makes things go much more smoothly. I've really enjoyed adding Maggie to our household and seeing the change in dynamics. I love watching her interact with Hubby. I was anxious for them to get back home this morning so I could hear how it went. Basically, if this is a tiny glimpse of what parenthood is like, magnifying all the good and bad and stress and responsibility by 100, I'm pretty excited for it.


Liz Owen said…
Crazy dreams here too! But I chalk that up to my 9pm ice cream eating marathons. :)

I think Mabel prepared us in certain ways. At the very least, we know that as a mutual couple we possess the ability to be absolutely disgustingly in love with an animal covered in fur who likes to sass us. Surely a baby can't be too much of a leap. :)
Funny...Nick & I are dog people, but we thought a dog was too much responsibility so we got a cat. I don't think he takes any less effort...but I say that's funny because we don't want a dog because of the responsiblity, but wanted to have a baby. Maybe we're the crazy ones!

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