week 27

Total weight gain: About 20 pounds. I swear I don't know where it's going since I still look fairly small for the beginning of the 3rd trimester. So much so that we postponed maternity pics for a few weeks. A little disappointing but at least I'll actually look pregnant in them...

Movement: Still very active. Baby likes conference calls, eating, and bedtime. Baby also likes hiding when Hubby is looking.

Cravings: Still loving the red grapes and the apples dipped in caramel. Trying to cut back on the caramel, though. And parfaits (generally yogurt, red grapes, and granola) have been tasty. Trying to cut back on the sugar, though.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, that crazy back pain, the occasional slightly swollen ankles due to flying or overworking myself. There was some really good, crazy dream this week that I should have noted earlier since I now have no recollection. My allergies are finally starting to settle down. So glad it didn't go to a full-blown sinus infection. I would have been a sad, unmedicated camper.

Belly button: It's holding its own from last week.

Preparations: Hung the valances (which also meant I had to re-hang the drapes...long story). Finished some wall art and hung that. Figured out the final piece of art but can't finish it till the baby is here. Made some small bunting out of leftover fabric so the baby can have something fun to look at during diaper changes and because I love bunting. Recovered what will be the foot stool to accompany the rocking chair. And we finally dropped the rocking chair off today! It will allegedly be back and reupholstered in about 10 days. Awesome. What's left on the list? Painting the dresser and lining its drawers. Still need 4 new knobs for it. Make the skirt for the crib. Moving the bed out of the room (which we'll do much later since we sometimes need to sleep apart for comfort/space reasons). I may paint a small bookshelf and need to paint a frame for the last piece of art. Then clean out the closet and bathroom for baby stuff and I think that's about it. I may be forgetting something but that seems like a reasonably short list to me.

Milestones: The countdown to baby is less than 100 days. A two-digit number. Freaky. On Monday I go for my 1-hour glucose screening. Not exactly looking forward to it. Mostly cutting sugar out the 3.5 days leading up to it. Mostly. Trying not to binge even though sweets are so good.

Weekly wisdom: There were several things I thought about this week that I wanted to include in the weekly update but have since forgotten. Seriously, in 2-3 days? I can't remember things? Sigh... So write things down because you can't get this good, interesting material back. Also, take breaks. I pretty much haven't adjusted my schedule or activity level but last Sunday my ankles showed that. So I'm going to take it a little easier.


The glucose test is no big deal. The worst part is drinking the crappy beverage - Yuck! Just stay away from the cola flavored one! I took the orange one and it was not so bad. Tasted like a flat orange soda. You will do great! Can't wait to see more pics!!! I bet you look amazing!!!
Good luck on your glucose test!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for good luck...I sure do miss indulging in chocolate (and I'm only boderline!).
Anonymous said…
Hi. I saw your profile picture on a comment you left at Liz's blog.... since it is of a Boxer dog I just had to come say hello. We have a 16 week old boxer. He's a handful of fun and ornery.


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