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lead actress in a short film

I'll eventually have pictures of all the owl-infused festivities of the first birthday party but until then... Chicken's first year:


month (gulp) twelve

Twelve months. One entire year. Over the weekend I was thinking, "This time last year I started having contractions." "This time last year, my water broke." "This is when we went to the hospital."
I've been working on a video and photo slideshow for your birthday party (that we're having on Saturday). It's been fun to go through the entire last year. I can't get over how small you were. And then I can't get over how much you changed so quickly. And, finally, I can't believe how many details I've already forgotten (like when you did what). I'm so glad we took so many pictures and that I wrote so much down. I hope you appreciate it one day when you're a mother. Keeping good records for you this first year was definitely a priority. As this was the last day for monthly pictures, I'm really proud of myself for making it through (with Daddy's help). I'm also proud of us all for making it through the year.

This mont…

2011 reads

I'm way, way behind on end-of-year blog activities. So it goes... Here's the reading list from 2011. Sadly short but I was busy keeping a baby alive for nearly the entire year.
Mostly read: Baby 411 I'm Too Sexy For My Volvo What to Expect the First Year
Read: 16. Hello, My Name is Mommy 15. The Helps 14. Sizzling Sixteen 13. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet 12. The Complete Adventures of Curious George 11. Charlotte's Web 10. Baby Massage 9. Healer 8. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt 7. The Girlfriend's Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood 6. Because I Said So 5. Pregnancy Day By Day 4. Homebirth in the Hospital: Integrating Natural Childbirth With Modern Medicine 3. The Everything Pregnancy Book 2. What to Expect When You're Expecting 1. Happiest Baby on the Block
While the pregnancy/baby books were quite helpful (especially "Happiest Baby on the Block"), I really enjoyed the other books and highly recommend them all. So I guess while I'm low on quantity…