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life list: baby quilt #2

Yea for marking something off the list!  And something fun!  Well, shouldn't they all be fun because otherwise what's the point?  But really, this probably kept me from totally losing my mind over the last few months.  I had an outlet. 

I was inspired by a quilt I saw on Pinterest (where else?) but tweaked it a bit.  The original was for a twin bed, had different colors, and was assembled in a slightly different way.  But I loved the modern feel of it.  Compared to Chicken's quilt, this one was more difficult regarding the piecing but easier when it came to the actual quilting.  It was also the first time I made my own binding.  It's definitely not perfect but I hear a perfect quilt is bad luck.  Perhaps one day there will be a finished nursery in which to show it off...  But I guess until then, you at least get to see what his color scheme will be.

the one with whining

If you keep up with me on FB at all, you already know that things have been a bit challenging the last few weeks.  I'm just going to vent a little here.
Things with the house selling/buying got all kinds of crazy and got really down to the wire.  I thought I'd be able to have a week or two prior to the closings to just be able to exhale.  Nope.  That last week and a half was spent trying to figure out what to do if one sale didn't happen.  Which one?  It could have been either.  Trying to figure out how to move money around.  How not to kill people if all the work and packing had been for nothing.  To still be in the old house when the baby came.  Hoping the baby didn't come early due to stress.  The thought of two mortgages.  The thought of being homeless.  You get the idea.  And it wasn't just me being pregnant and crazy.  It seemed like at some point any of those scenarios was a possibility.During all that drama I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I didn&…