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the latest

Yesterday? Crappy work day (as I laugh to myself at having just typed "crappy" in regards to the poo study). But it was followed by an opposite of crappy evening. Things with The Boy appear to be going well. That's all I have to say about that. So, woohoo! Tomorrow I leave for vacation. (Obligatory note to criminals: Don't bother, Bubba's Sis will have already taken the good stuff.) Things have been so crazy busy lately that I haven't had time to anticipate it. This morning, though, I woke up excited that I'm leaving tomorrow. Here's to a fun time in Beantown. (Photo courtesy of Boston Online .)

purple, nay, guest room

Do you remember the purple room ? From way back when? From way back when I was actually posting about the progress going on around here? Well, a little over a month ago I finally tackled it (for the most part). Here it is: A lot of the things in it are things from my childhood bedroom (either from my actual childhood or later when I was trying to make it The Brother's guest bedroom). It is oddly comforting in that way. I still need to finish that nightstand on the right. And the one on the left is getting painted brown, too. And I need new blinds or something. I also have one other little project I'm in the middle of right now. I'll show you that later (perhaps in September). I'm still excited that it's like a real room now. People can sleep in it and everything. With only 2 lingering boxes. Oh, yeah. And it's not purple.

i'm in overwhelm

...but instead of whining about work and last-minute vacation planning and prepping for my certification exam and wedding prep and organizing my social life and and and, I'll just tell you this little snippet from my day. The office I'm in this week gets warm and so they have a fan that blows the colder air from the hallway into the office. But because it's in the hall, people sometimes steal it. I guess they just think it's a community fan. That, or they're inconsiderate. Bear in mind that this is a gastro clinic. One of the ladies was saying that she wished they'd just ask before they took it. "I mean, it's not like the shit's gonna hit the fan." Heehee Shit. Fan. At a place where people have poo problems. Teehee.

10 on tuesday (17 & 18)

10 Things I Don't Like About My Job What a negative topic this week. In the spirit of the meme, I'll do it. 1. There are times when I get tired of flying. I enjoy weeks where I stay grounded. Although, by the end of the week I'm usually feeling weird that I haven't been in the air. 2. I don't enjoy telling people to do their freakin ' work. When everything is going smoothly and people are cooperating with me, it's great. When it's not and they don't...ugh. 3. There are people who make more money than I do--even doing the same job, with the same (or less) education and experience. 4. When I'm traveling a lot it is hard to get things done in the personal life or around the house. 5. My laptop is heavy. 6. I get e-mails sometimes and have no idea whether or not they apply to me. Sometimes I don't have the time to figure that out. 7. I don't have someone to do my filing. Anyone out there like filing and want to come over? Boy, have I

it's a mac

Please welcome the new addition to my family. Just like you'd expect a child of mine to be, it's the pale one...

10 on tuesday (16)

10 Interesting Websites I'd Like to Share I'm going with ones that I have bookmarked. These are the ones I use a bunch. Some others that I'm not including are generally things that help me book travel or shop online. Who needs those? 1. Historic Hotels of America : I travel. A lot. I don't like staying in the same ol' cookie cutter hotel all the time. These are some fantastic places. I think I should be the poster child for old building lovers. 2. Fine Stationary : I love paper products. And I enjoy making cards. This place has wonderful stuff and you get inspired by the current popular colors or patterns. And if you can't think of how to word something or whether or not you've included all the pertinant info on in invite, you can browse the text they used. Do not plagarize. Become inspired. 3. Pollstar : I dig live music. This is your one-stop shop for that. 4. Kate : I know I've sent you here before. I just really enjoy her calendar wallpapers. They

ceaseless wonders

It has been a long and busy weekend. If I'm sticking with the whole what-makes-today-different-from-the-rest thing, there have been several. Right now I'll just stick with Friday. A few single lady friends and I went to the alleged singles event at the museum Friday night. It was fun and had a much younger crowd that the previous time we went. (That time was full of the senior crowd.) It was 80s music night...which I totally dig. During the evening I had been thinking about what makes people approachable. I was also feeling reasonably cute and was having a good day in regards to extravertedness. I decided that the best move I could make was to separate myself from the herd. I browsed around solo but went back to the home base of my friends. It eventually worked out and a cute boy started talking to me. We only talked briefly but long enough to decide that he seemed cute, educated, gainfully employed, and funny. Conversation was easy and entertaining. We exchanged

that lovin' feelin'

So my last "real" post was about everything that makes one day blur into the next for me. Who wants to read about that? I was struck with the thought that the blogging rut I'm stuck in might be similar to the life rut I fall into at times. Perhaps I need to focus on what makes each day different. Sometimes you make the day different from the one before. Other times, it kind of just happens to you... Occasionally I have a travel companion when I'm on the road. Sometimes the person is actually there to help me. Sometimes it's just luck that someone I know is in the same town. cph was in Shreveport with me last night and we went to dinner. We had Mexican because, really, what else do you think of when you hear Louisiana? Yeah, I know...anything but Mexican. So we go in and the waiter is one of those guys with a lot of personality. Perhaps more personality than you'd like in a waiter. So we wanted to take advantage of the $2 margaritas. Who wouldn&

10 on tuesday (15)

Ten Things I Will NEVER Do Again... Interject "hopefully" in all of these. Please, Universe, do not think I'm tempting you. 1. Give someone more chances than he or she deserves. 2. Knowingly work for a company that has questionable morals. 3. Read a new Harry Potter book. Sob... 4. Wear braces or Jellies or pants with pleats. 5. Let someone under-value me--either at work or in my personal life. 6. Rent. 7. Buy a CD. Or a VHS tape. 8. Ignore my instincts. 9. Workout without knee braces. 10. Take a sulfa medication (because rashes don't look good on anybody).

same ol', same ol'

I still feel like I haven't had a substantial post in quite some time. Perhaps the 10 on Tuesday is ruining my other potential posts. It helps me come up with things to write but then I write nothing else... Oh, who knows. "So what's been going on?" you ask. Not much. Same ol ' traveling nonsense. Back to Shreveport today. (If you now feel compelled to come to my house to steal, please at least weed a little before you go.) Work has been busy and won't settle down for awhile. I had a good mid-year review. And I'm presenting at our national gathering in October. The leisure activities are a bit jam-packed as well. I have a ridiculous amount of Astros tickets (long story) so if you're interested in any extras, just let me know and I can include you on a mass email. I've had family gatherings and baby showers and will have friends in from out of town. There's the singles' thing at HMNS . The celebrations of The Brother's engagement. Wed