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10 Interesting Websites I'd Like to Share

I'm going with ones that I have bookmarked. These are the ones I use a bunch. Some others that I'm not including are generally things that help me book travel or shop online. Who needs those?

1. Historic Hotels of America: I travel. A lot. I don't like staying in the same ol' cookie cutter hotel all the time. These are some fantastic places. I think I should be the poster child for old building lovers.
2. Fine Stationary: I love paper products. And I enjoy making cards. This place has wonderful stuff and you get inspired by the current popular colors or patterns. And if you can't think of how to word something or whether or not you've included all the pertinant info on in invite, you can browse the text they used. Do not plagarize. Become inspired.
3. Pollstar: I dig live music. This is your one-stop shop for that.
4. Kate: I know I've sent you here before. I just really enjoy her calendar wallpapers. They come in very handy for my job and they're pretty. I dorkily look forward to the coming month because of this.
5. Pretty:Darn:Swell: Oooh, fun stuff abounds. This one may inspire you, too.
6. Bo's Place: One day when I have a more predictable schedule, I will volunteer here. Helping kids work through grief...what could be more rewarding?
7. National Hurricane Center: Now, not much has gone on so far this hurricane season but they're still predicting an above-average season. I told a friend on Saturday that I bet a storm pops up over the next week. It has. When you live half a mile from the coast, you pay attention to these things.
8. The last few are links over there on the right. If you haven't checked them out, you should. SweetSalty is an amazing blog. Her life has been unbelievable lately (not in a good way). She writes so well even through the toughest circumstances. I don't know her in real life but can't help but hope that things work out for her.
9. design*sponge: This site will make you want to redecorate your house. Or maybe that's just me. You can get great ideas and links for where to purchase some of the nifty items.
10. Sweet Juniper: If you don't read this, you're crazy. Good writing, fantastic photography, cute kid. And the newest news is that there's another one on the way.


Irishcoda said…
Happy T on T! Will be back again to check out your list and browse!
Patois42 said…
I've not put my list up yet. (I've only got six or seven and I'm debating whether to add blogs.) I've heard of SweetSalty before, but I've not checked her out. I'll do so now. I'm with you on Sweet Juniper. And Bo's Place sounds quite intriguing. Oh, great, now I've got more places to go!
Hootin' Anni said…
I have the Hurricane Center to open for me daily as I live on the Gulf Coast!! We have two tropical depressions coming our way now.

Great list.
Mine's posted
D... said…
I'm so excited about your #4. I went there and now have August as my wallpaper. For some reason, I don't have a calendar handy around here. Now I do. :)

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