10 on tuesday (15)

Ten Things I Will NEVER Do Again...

Interject "hopefully" in all of these. Please, Universe, do not think I'm tempting you.

1. Give someone more chances than he or she deserves.
2. Knowingly work for a company that has questionable morals.
3. Read a new Harry Potter book. Sob...
4. Wear braces or Jellies or pants with pleats.
5. Let someone under-value me--either at work or in my personal life.
6. Rent.
7. Buy a CD. Or a VHS tape.
8. Ignore my instincts.
9. Workout without knee braces.
10. Take a sulfa medication (because rashes don't look good on anybody).


JennieBoo said…
A fun, ecletic mix! Well done. I agree with almost ALL of them!

Happy ToT!
Library Girl said…
Awww, I'm still mourning Harry, too! Great list!
Irishcoda said…
So good to see so many on your list that validate you or your feelings.
Sandy said…
I agree with #10.. also allergic to sulfa drugs. Made me itch to read it.
Hootin'Anni said…
Ya, I wouldn't ever rent either....it's just money down the drain if you ask me....nothing to re-sell. No investment what so ever.

Great, great list. Very interesting choices for the 10 on Tuesday
D... said…
I am sobbing with you on #3. I'm going to miss reading new adventures of Harry & Company.
Bubba's Sis said…
A very good list indeed! Happy Tuesday!
wendy bird said…
I agree with all items. Except for me...no knee braces...yet :)

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