ceaseless wonders

It has been a long and busy weekend. If I'm sticking with the whole what-makes-today-different-from-the-rest thing, there have been several. Right now I'll just stick with Friday.

A few single lady friends and I went to the alleged singles event at the museum Friday night. It was fun and had a much younger crowd that the previous time we went. (That time was full of the senior crowd.) It was 80s music night...which I totally dig. During the evening I had been thinking about what makes people approachable. I was also feeling reasonably cute and was having a good day in regards to extravertedness. I decided that the best move I could make was to separate myself from the herd. I browsed around solo but went back to the home base of my friends. It eventually worked out and a cute boy started talking to me. We only talked briefly but long enough to decide that he seemed cute, educated, gainfully employed, and funny. Conversation was easy and entertaining. We exchanged business cards. I haven't heard anything from him but since tomorrow is the first working day, I'm going to wait to see what happens then. If I don't hear from him I'm so e-mailing. He seemed worth getting to know better. And in addition to trading cards, he made multiple comments that would lead me to believe he was interested (like "we should have coffee," etc.). Fingers crossed, people. Fingers crossed.

When I got home that night, my "shirtless wonder" neighbor and his supposed brother were outside drinking. We've never talked in the months he's lived here. I haven't had a strong desire to make an effort to introduce myself. Even if I did, he either has company over and/or is never wearing a shirt. He, of course, does not look like the kind of guy whose shirtlessness one would appreciate. They never are... So he yells out "you want a beer?" and I say "no, thank you." He asks if I've already had enough tonight and I say "yes, but y'all have a good evening." That's it. Stalemate ended. I still wish he'd wear a shirt. (Although with the weather the last few days even I'm starting to envy being shirtless.)


StaceyG said…
Sounds like he'll be on "Cops" soon. Not wearing a shirt seems to be a requirement. =)
Katie Lady said…
LMAO about the shirt-less wonder! At least he offered you a beer instead of ignoring you.

Glad the Museum Meet-up went well! Fingers are crossed! Did he email you today?
Eddie said…
Oooh I'm jealous of the singles gathering! I wish they did stuff like that here. Here's hoping he'll email! And yeah, you should totally email him if you don't hear from him.
cjh said…
Yeah, I totally emailed him. I told myself I'd wait until right now--2pm. Whatever. I broke down at around 11:45. He responded back (yea!) and said that I beat him to the punch with emailing him. But he said he was thinking over the weekend about what to suggest for a date. Woohoo! He was thinking about it! Over the weekend! Date! I will, of course, keep everyone posted whether you want to hear about it or not.

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