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So my last "real" post was about everything that makes one day blur into the next for me. Who wants to read about that? I was struck with the thought that the blogging rut I'm stuck in might be similar to the life rut I fall into at times. Perhaps I need to focus on what makes each day different. Sometimes you make the day different from the one before. Other times, it kind of just happens to you...

Occasionally I have a travel companion when I'm on the road. Sometimes the person is actually there to help me. Sometimes it's just luck that someone I know is in the same town. cph was in Shreveport with me last night and we went to dinner. We had Mexican because, really, what else do you think of when you hear Louisiana? Yeah, I know...anything but Mexican.

So we go in and the waiter is one of those guys with a lot of personality. Perhaps more personality than you'd like in a waiter. So we wanted to take advantage of the $2 margaritas. Who wouldn't? However, I had left my ID in the hotel and the waiter was already carding cph. His diligence at upholding the law? Not a good sign. I told him my situation and that I'd have to stick with water. "You don't have anything on you that shows your age?" Should I have pointed out the fine lines around my eyes? I had my grad school ID with me and a sticker on the back proved I was there in (gasp) 1999. And I had my Aggie ring. Class of '99, baby. Well, he bought it. And says something like, "Now the question is 'Are you single?'" I answered honestly--my first mistake.

He came back--as waiters are prone to do--and recommended some menu items. We ended up picking the two he suggested and I told him that we were easily suggestible. He then tries to hypnotize me into thinking he's cute. He's not bad... He walks away and asks me if I think he's cute. I just say yes. Second mistake as this only encourages him. All the while I'm kinda being showered with compliments. (I'd like to say that this happens all the time, thus making this day like every other. But clearly I'm not prone to lying.)

He comes backs and I'm avoiding eye contact. He starts serenading me. I laugh and think that his voice isn't too bad. Then he keeps singing. And singing some more. Interjects a little comment and then sings SOME MORE. I'm embarrassed. Again, would love to say I get serenaded often. Would not like to say that it happens in restaurants. I turn red. cph is freakishly giddy at that.

Yeah, the comments continue. He ends up giving me my To Go box, scrawled with "Te Amo. Mi Amor. Crazy Singer Guy." So, yeah, yesterday was a bit different.


StaceyG said…
That's awesome!! I was embarassingly seranaded once in junior college, but deep down, I liked it a LOT. What a great ego boost!
km said…
Oh, how cool!!! Did you get a number, or will that be your "spot" to go to everytime you are there?
Anonymous said…
you guys should have seen how red she turned, from the top of her forhead all the way to her neck. i have never seen her so embarrased, so yes, I was very tickled!! she avoided all eye contact and kept staring at a brick wall that was in front of her, all the while trying to maintain a somewhat normal conversation with me.

she failed to mention that when he started serenading her, he got down on one knee! it was great!!

Eddie said…
But no phone number?!
Katie Lady said…
That is priceless! Great ego boost, indeed!

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