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My To Do list is very long. Actually, I lie. I have a confession to make. My To Do list should be very long but I'm so overwhelmed with everything that needs to go on it I can't even bring myself to finish it. Occasionally this happens to me--so many things to do I can't even start with a small, easy task. And these aren't things that can wait. These are things with deadlines. Deadlines that, if ignored, would lead to getting into trouble at work and/or disappointment of people I care about (including myself). I've delegated. I've cut things down to the bare bones. What's left is up to me...

(During my procrastination, I ran across this. At least I feel inspired to do something--even if it isn't on my list. And I hope to have a real post soon. My apologies.)

hotel california

I'm in Orange County. Even though it's almost 10:00 at home, I must force myself to stay awake long enough to try to switch time zones. What better way than to surf the 'net? The problem is, now I'm all inspired to be craftsy and I can't be. There are no craft supplies in this hotel. Seriously. Not a glue gun to be found... Good news? I'm finding new uses for the fantastic scrapbooking paper that I have been salivating over (not including scrapbooking). That, and there are bound to be homemade Christmas gifts this year. Excited, aren't you?

something to think about

in regards to the upcoming elections...

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room." — Anita Roddick

That is all for now. My life is a jumbled mess, a series of whited-out and rewritten plans on the calendar.

emotional (over)reactions

Yesterday I was shopping for Valentine's dinner fixin's. The grocery store had really fantastic looking hand-dipped strawberries. They came 8, 4, or 1 to a pack. Because I'm a girl who loves nearly anything dipped in chocolate, I got the 8-pack. Because I'm not a total glutton (or so I like to believe), I shared them with The Brother, the FSIL, and The Boyfriend. While I was standing there in the store trying to pick out the best collection of 8, another shopper inquired about a package of two. There were no packages of two.

"You could buy two singles," she was told.

I said, "Why not get 4?"

"I might have to," she says in a not-so-pleasant tone.

Later, I ended up behind her in the check-out line. She had no strawberries. How sad. A few minutes later it's my turn to check out. The cashier was having a sacker put away the woman's groceries. Turns out she didn't want to wait for a price check and just said she didn't…

all i want is you

I am in love with this song by Barry Louis Polisar from the Juno Soundtrack. Happy Valentine's Day.

praise tiny 8 lb 6 oz baby jesus

I made it home yesterday. A little early even. I caught the 10:05 am about 3:10. Those poor people. But I made it home and made it to the fancy dinner and to The Boyfriend's. And I got to wear a cute new dress. I'm feeling very grateful for many things:
for all you wonderful people who sent well wishes in various forms. for fun gifts and cake.for the last day of my project at work going smoothly (which means maybe only one or two more trips to Shreveport).for not having to travel again until the 26th. The 26th!for an intact Valentine's gift shipment (for The Boyfriend) waiting for me at home--even though we had such bad weather many things were moved around or knocked over on my porch. Big things like chairs.for having a Valentine.Life is good. So far my 30s? Way better than my 20s.


It's my birthday. If you could be so kind, please wish for me good weather and a prompt flight. Because, really, if Shreveport makes me miss my fancy birthday dinner with The Boyfriend, I'm going to hate it forever.

flying tidbits

A few weeks ago I had such a rough flight that I thought I could barf. I've never felt that way on a plane, in a car, on a boat. It was on a Saab (which means prop plane, which means pretty darn small, which means even smaller lavoratories). For once, the plane was full. Seriously, if I have 6 other people on there with me I'm shocked. This one? Full. Thankfully, the feeling passed and I did not end up barfing on my smuggled-to-Texas-from-Louisiana super-awesome King Cake. Nor did I have to try to throw up in the general direction of the tiny bathroom because, let's face it, I think that's the best aim one could hope for...
Weather has been weird and flights have not been smooth. When leaving Dallas last Friday, it was awfully windy. The take-off was a little, I don't know, unsteady? There was swaying from side-to-side. No big deal. I find that if I know the reason for the turbulence or whatever, I'm less likely to become concerned about it. A little bumpy on th…

sunday scribblings - foul

A day late...

The first thing that came to mind when I read the prompt was baseball. Seriously. I miss baseball season (even more because the writers' strike is leaving much to be desired on the television front).

I've been thinking about Opening Day and the season with this almost entirely new team. Will it feel the same? Will I still miss Biggio? (Um, of course.) Will the crowd spontaneously make up new chants for the new players? Will they all seem like nice guys? Will all the changes make a difference in their record?

Who am I kidding? They'll still be the Astros. It will still be baseball. I'll still be thrilled to be there and will love walking into the ballpark for the first time in months. The grass will look greener, the hotdogs will taste better, the city skyline will be more imposing than it was months ago. I can't wait...


As for football, it doesn't really interest me all that much. Missed the first quarter. Loved seeing Tom Petty (and not his boob…