emotional (over)reactions

Yesterday I was shopping for Valentine's dinner fixin's. The grocery store had really fantastic looking hand-dipped strawberries. They came 8, 4, or 1 to a pack. Because I'm a girl who loves nearly anything dipped in chocolate, I got the 8-pack. Because I'm not a total glutton (or so I like to believe), I shared them with The Brother, the FSIL, and The Boyfriend. While I was standing there in the store trying to pick out the best collection of 8, another shopper inquired about a package of two. There were no packages of two.

"You could buy two singles," she was told.

I said, "Why not get 4?"

"I might have to," she says in a not-so-pleasant tone.

Later, I ended up behind her in the check-out line. She had no strawberries. How sad. A few minutes later it's my turn to check out. The cashier was having a sacker put away the woman's groceries. Turns out she didn't want to wait for a price check and just said she didn't want any of it. Then she turned and walked out. What compels someone to do that? How would having to wait that extra two minutes make you feel so put out that you would rather come back to the store later (or go to a different store) and start all over?

Personally, I think that woman could have used some chocolate-covered strawberries...


This morning I received a phonecall from my manager letting me know that I would be going on a new study (part-time) with only two sites (both local). Oh, sure. Why not? Then she told me that I'd be going to training in California for three days next week. Well, I'd planned on taking a break from travel and staying home all week but ok. At least it's not Florida; we always train in Florida. Then she asks me if I have a passport. My tummy gets excited and I say yes. She tells me that there's also a mandatory training in London. London?! April 3-4. My tummy feels sick and I wonder why my life sucks. I told her I'd love to go but I'm the maid-of-honor in my friend's wedding on the 5th. Oh, the timing...

I'll still likely work on this project; I'll know on Monday. It will be nice to have two local sites. Maybe the meeting date will get moved. The wedding will be lovely. London will still be there. It sure was an exciting, hopeful 2 or so seconds. The disappointment is nothing a few too many Valentine's Day cookies can't fix. Glutton, schmutton.


Bubba's Sis said…
I bought the 6-pack of chocolate dipped strawberries - Hubby and I each ate 2, and the kiddos each got 1. They were yummy!

Then I ate half a box of chocolates. Because the chocolate on the strawberry? Just wasn't enough.
Cheryl said…
London? London, did you say? OMG! You've got to find a way to get there. If not this time, another time. And you might need to bring along a friend :)

Miss you.
Katie Lady said…
Oooh, timing just sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

I don't understand people that leave groceries, too. Although maybe it was that, or start shooting, so that's better I guess.
Anonymous said…
I took the quiz, and I am clogs?!? I don't understand that but the explaination was pretty good.

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The Brother
reinaswan said…
I think everyone needs a covered strawberry in Chocolate. Yum.
Patois said…
That woman so needed the 8-pack. She could have eaten four while she waited for the price check.

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