hotel california

I'm in Orange County. Even though it's almost 10:00 at home, I must force myself to stay awake long enough to try to switch time zones. What better way than to surf the 'net? The problem is, now I'm all inspired to be craftsy and I can't be. There are no craft supplies in this hotel. Seriously. Not a glue gun to be found... Good news? I'm finding new uses for the fantastic scrapbooking paper that I have been salivating over (not including scrapbooking). That, and there are bound to be homemade Christmas gifts this year. Excited, aren't you?


angelq said…
Are you wallpapering the hotel with the scrapbooking paper? They might charge extra for that, you know.
samantha jo Campen said…
You'd think with me being on bed rest that I'd be busting out the scrapping stuff but I'm not. No motivation. And that makes me sad.

Scrapbook away for me!!!!
reinaswan said…
Welcome to the OC.
Cheryl said…
Hey, I'm excited about the homemade stuff. And when will you teach me scrapbooking?

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