praise tiny 8 lb 6 oz baby jesus

I made it home yesterday. A little early even. I caught the 10:05 am about 3:10. Those poor people. But I made it home and made it to the fancy dinner and to The Boyfriend's. And I got to wear a cute new dress. I'm feeling very grateful for many things:
  • for all you wonderful people who sent well wishes in various forms.
  • for fun gifts and cake.
  • for the last day of my project at work going smoothly (which means maybe only one or two more trips to Shreveport).
  • for not having to travel again until the 26th. The 26th!
  • for an intact Valentine's gift shipment (for The Boyfriend) waiting for me at home--even though we had such bad weather many things were moved around or knocked over on my porch. Big things like chairs.
  • for having a Valentine.

Life is good. So far my 30s? Way better than my 20s.


Anonymous said…
the 30's are the new 20's.......I don't really know what that means but my 30's also much better than 20's.

The Brother
Bubba's Sis said…
LOVE your title - I'm cracking up! Baby Jesus, with your golden fleece diapers.....

SO glad you made it home - yay!!!! Happy Birthday AND Happy Valentine's Day!
D... said…
Love the Talladega reference! Hee!

Happy belated birthday!! I'm glad you made it home in time to have a special celebration with The Boyfriend.

Enjoy Valentine's tomorrow! I have a feeling you will. ;)
Anonymous said…
perhaps the rogue chicken re-arranged your patio furniture.. i'd be peeved if i were him.

happy valentine's to you and to your valentine! i couldn't be happier "hearing" you sound so happy and loved.


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