My To Do list is very long. Actually, I lie. I have a confession to make. My To Do list should be very long but I'm so overwhelmed with everything that needs to go on it I can't even bring myself to finish it. Occasionally this happens to me--so many things to do I can't even start with a small, easy task. And these aren't things that can wait. These are things with deadlines. Deadlines that, if ignored, would lead to getting into trouble at work and/or disappointment of people I care about (including myself). I've delegated. I've cut things down to the bare bones. What's left is up to me...

(During my procrastination, I ran across this. At least I feel inspired to do something--even if it isn't on my list. And I hope to have a real post soon. My apologies.)


Cheryl said…
I so know the feeling of being overwhelmed with so many things to do. I wish I could clone myself - and one of the clones could just get massages and shop.

I like the link and idea. You're right, you did something positive today.
reinaswan said…
List I have lots of those. I like the words of encouragement posted around the city. :)
You have such a LOVELY blog!!! :)
StaceyG said…
Good for you for delegating and stuff - that's the way to take care of yourself!
Owl said…
That is absolutely awesome. Thank you for sharing that with us. btw....I thought being so overwhelmed is the way it is supposed to be. You just took care of the most important thing on your list.

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