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month six

Dear Chicken, I know what you think I'm going to say. "I can't believe it's 6 months blah blah." Well, I can't but what I really want to say is that this month has be jam-packed. This letter could take days to write but unfortunately Mama just has a little time this morning. It's been an awfully busy month for everyone. Since it's Sunday, I'll have to update your stats after Daddy takes you to the pediatrician tomorrow. But you and I were there on Thursday. It was your first legitimately sick baby appointment. I'm not sure how long you are since they don't measure that when you're sick but you were 17 lb 4 oz. My guess at your length? 27 inches. We'll see. Ok, so this was about as far as I got on Sunday... I can now tell you (as I'm late finishing this letter) that you had gained 2 ounces by your Monday appointment and I was only off by 1/4" on your length (26.75"). You're in the 78th percentile for weight and 8

besides the baby

I realize that 99% of posts now have to do with the baby. I was thinking about that and wondering what else is going on in my life. Honestly, the baby really is taking up most of it (which is fine and awesome) but there have been a few other things to keep me busy. Work has gotten much busier. To the point of overwhelm at times. I've been traveling more and August isn't looking much better. We had our annual July 4th party. Everything turned out really well. I didn't put as much work into it as I usually do. No new craft projects--just used what I already had and bought (gasp) one new decoration. Didn't make as many food items as normal and the pot luck ended up working out perfectly. It's amazing how that happens. For the first time, we had multiple little ones running around (as well as one being held--that would be mine). No fireworks this year since we had the party on the 3rd but I think that was the best option. Good times. The following weekend we had o


No, I didn't watch any of the trial but I do remember when the incident happened. I must have been traveling more then and watched the morning news programs' coverage. From what little I do know, I can't believe the verdict. I do know that if my daughter were missing for any amount of time, I'd be concerned. I'd be calling everyone I knew and then the police. I would do everything I could to find her. And if I needed a drink during that time? It would not be found at a nightclub. +++++++++ My husband is going to be out-of-town about half the time for about a month and a half starting in August. I'm going to get a much better taste of life as a single mom. Thank goodness it's temporary. I don't know how people do it (and I saw my mom do it). I had a glimpse of it when he'd work long hours and I was alone with the baby and the dog and the chores but he always came home. Some of my support system won't be around during much of the time he's g