No, I didn't watch any of the trial but I do remember when the incident happened. I must have been traveling more then and watched the morning news programs' coverage. From what little I do know, I can't believe the verdict. I do know that if my daughter were missing for any amount of time, I'd be concerned. I'd be calling everyone I knew and then the police. I would do everything I could to find her. And if I needed a drink during that time? It would not be found at a nightclub.


My husband is going to be out-of-town about half the time for about a month and a half starting in August. I'm going to get a much better taste of life as a single mom. Thank goodness it's temporary. I don't know how people do it (and I saw my mom do it). I had a glimpse of it when he'd work long hours and I was alone with the baby and the dog and the chores but he always came home. Some of my support system won't be around during much of the time he's gone. And some others will be knee-deep in nesting and having a baby. Our awesome daycare will help. And I'll force my work schedule to cooperate. I tell ya what, though. I will be the happiest person in the world on September 16th.


My uncle is dying. He is. That's a hard thing to admit but I'm sure it's even harder for my aunt. He's at home. Hospice is helping. From what I've heard, he's not in pain and is alert. He's had a great, long life and really won't be sick for very long in the scheme of things. I know when you get married (something they did over 53 years ago) this is what you hope for. You hope for a long life together, children, grandchildren. If you're lucky, great-grandchildren, health, happiness. You get all those things and still it ends. When you are fortunate enough to have some warning, what do you talk about? How do you spend those days? It's not like country songs that talk about how you are able to do all these grand activities like bullriding or skydiving before your time is up. (And if you could, would those be the things you'd do?) You just have quiet moments. You have your people. My aunt is awesome and will hold up as well as anyone could be expected to. I've recently realized how similar we are in some ways and I can only hope that my marriage, my life can follow a similar path.


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