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2007--year in review

It seems like today warrants a post that sums it all up. Some of you (I know, I've received e-mails) would just like a post of any kind to know I'm still alive and postin'. I went over to Bubba's Sis' blog and she had a neat little entry that I tried to apply to my blog but mine didn't work out so well. It seems like the most important things in my life this year haven't happened near the beginning of each month.

Instead, I thought I'd elaborate on the insert I sent with my Christmas card this year.

0: Job changes This one is shocking. It seems like all I do is change jobs. I'm happy here and am not ready to start looking. It's a nice feeling.

1: Great new boyfriend Yea for this one! Yea for someone who has stuck around through my holiday crazies. Who am I kidding? Yea for someone who has stuck around through my everyday crazies.

1: Cruise Ah, relaxation and fun. A vacation where I really didn't do any work at all.

1: Engaged brother Also very ex…

merry christmas

When we were little, we would open presents on Christmas Eve. I wonder how things would have worked out if I hadn't had a brother who was five years my senior. It was fairly easy to be distracted while Santa came when we were wide awake. I'm not sure why we did it then instead of Christmas proper. I think part of it was because Mom couldn't wait for us to open presents. We surely couldn't wait. In fact, we still could convince her to give us one early present even though technically all were early.

After Mom died, The Brother forced us to wait until Christmas morning. It's because he hates me. Actually, I have no idea why because he can't stand to wait to open presents. In the days leading up to Christmas he's all "What? We're waiting till Christmas. No, no early present." Then on Christmas morning I act like nothing special is happening that day. This really gets his goat, and he'll break down and ask when we can open them. We're in ou…

am i fancypants or what?


but also only in shreveport

...will a mid-40s self-proclaimed backwoods country boy who works at a hotel get cast in not one but two movies.

Interesting life to gotta give this city that.

only in shreveport

Will a person get called a pagan for buying these: (from

oh, oh, mexico

10 on Tuesday is about Resolutions. I'm just not up for that so I'm skipping it again this week. Things have been so busy lately, but I know all of you could say the same thing. I can't bear to think of a whole list of more things for me to do...

So with December came my first cruise. Yea! It was a much needed vacation that went too quickly and brought me back to a little too much reality. But, oh, the during. There was great food. All. The. Time. The first day we snacked so much that I couldn't even eat all three courses at dinner. And I felt a little barfy with the rocking. I apparently acclimated fairly quickly. We had pretty rough seas most of the time but I could eat three courses every time I was given the option after that. And then some.

We left from San Diego and had three days in port bookended by two days at sea. I thought it would be too much time with too little to do but it was very relaxing. It forced us to actually vacation a few days. W…

mexican picture post

Words to come later... Things are still frantic over here but slightly better due to me making the executive decision to postpone today's trip. Too bad there's one tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that...

back to the grind

Could there be any more emails in my inboxes? Could I feel any more behind on Christmas-related activities?

Back from vacation (which was fantastic...more later). Leaving again tomorrow. Lots to do today.