oh, oh, mexico

10 on Tuesday is about Resolutions. I'm just not up for that so I'm skipping it again this week. Things have been so busy lately, but I know all of you could say the same thing. I can't bear to think of a whole list of more things for me to do...

So with December came my first cruise. Yea! It was a much needed vacation that went too quickly and brought me back to a little too much reality. But, oh, the during. There was great food. All. The. Time. The first day we snacked so much that I couldn't even eat all three courses at dinner. And I felt a little barfy with the rocking. I apparently acclimated fairly quickly. We had pretty rough seas most of the time but I could eat three courses every time I was given the option after that. And then some.

We left from San Diego and had three days in port bookended by two days at sea. I thought it would be too much time with too little to do but it was very relaxing. It forced us to actually vacation a few days. When we weren't lounging, we ventured into Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Villarta.

Cabo--did some shopping, a catamaran ride, unexpected whale watching, saw Los Arcos, went to Cabo Wabo, had some Waboritas, listened to some live music.

Mazatlan--another little boat ride over to a nearby island, ate a local lunch, went horseback riding, spent some time on the beach, watched kids hit a pinata, more shopping.

Puerto Villarta--even more shopping, lounged on the beach most of the day, had a drink out of a coconut, went to the markets, saw an old church, took lots of pictures.

My friend, Nora, and I went with a group of single alumni. We booked the trip before I met The Boyfriend (which is probably why I met The Boyfriend...would probably be single if I hadn't gone on a singles' cruise). I wasn't sure how that would work out but it was great. Such a fun group that we could hang out with when we wanted to but we could also spend time on our own. We met up with the group on and off the ship. We went dancing four of the seven nights and frequented the piano bar. It was nice to know that we'd know other people there.

We all had such a good time that we were talking about doing it again next year. It probably wouldn't be the same, like trying to recreate perfection. Ok, so perfection is a little strong a word. There were a few people we could have done without but we had our fun little clique. And just for a week, I could forget about work and the holidays and all sorts of obligations.

We also spent the day before and after the cruise in San Diego. We stayed at a very nice hotel (great deal!) and had a good time there as well. We checked out some of the area on foot, and we went to the zoo. It was amazing. Loved the pandas!

So that's the brief version of the trip. I'm back at work and had to do all my Christmas shopping (not done yet) and make Christmas cards and pay bills and juggle obligations and and and... But don't get me wrong. I missed everyone and would have wanted to come back eventually. Or maybe when I run away to Mexico you can all join me. Coconut drinks all around.


Patois said…
Can I have two coconut drinks? And can I bring my husband? (But not the kids.)
Katie Lady said…
I've been saying, it's not Christmas 'til we get cjh's hand-made Christmas card! No pressure or anything. (BTW, did we tell you we got TWO from you last year?!)

Sounds like a good trip, hopefully this week won't be too crazy and you'll take some time to appreciate the beauty of the season
cjh said…
I'm trying to get them in the mail no later than tomorrow. I packed them all up to bring to Shreveport because I didn't have time to get stamps and get them in the mail before I left. They're on their way. And I can't believe you got 2! Mistakes occasionally get made (despite it being somewhat of a science). :o)
Bubba's Sis said…
Your cruise sounds heavenly! So glad you had a good time!

Merry Christmas to you, girlfriend!

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