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question o' the day

Do you think Pluto being demoted will impact astrology?


What a day. If you would have told me yesterday morning that it would have been like this I would have thought you were crazy. Or at least very optimistic.

Yesterday I realized that when I booked this trip to San Antonio I had myself leave from IAH. I don't know why I didn't pick Hobby...especially since I had to get up at 4:30am to catch the flight. Later in the day, however, I realized that a co-worker of mine who I hadn't seen in months was going to be on the same flight. How cool is that? It seemed like a fairly empty flight so I thought we'd be able to sit together regardless of our assigned seats (since we both know enough to check in online). This morning I got to the parking area and she was getting there at the same time. We even rode the shuttle to the airport together. Then we start to board and realize we had already picked the same row to sit in! It was a good flight. Very good visiting with her.

So I imagined this trip would not be good. The p…

update or the usual rambling

What you missed out on by my post getting lost in cyberspace was basically that I still do not like Dallas. I can't believe I'm going to have to be there as often as I am. If anyone has any suggestions on cool things to do (not during work hours) or good restaurants, I'd love to hear it. I did go shopping at a hoity toity mall. I could afford next to nothing there but would love to buy one frivolous piece of ridiculously expensive clothing. Just one piece. One that I could not even come close to justifying the expense of. We'll see. Dallas itself just seems a little more hoity toity all around. The country girl in me doesn't really like that.

I also realized in Dallas that I would like it if my job were to go around and tell people who own historic places (like hotels) how to better decorate them. I like seeing things live up to their potential. The hotel I stayed in was ok. Outdated but good bones. Thankfully, someone else has realized that and they ar…

goin' to the chapel

I'm all packed and ready to go. I'm fake-tanned. I have cute pink toenails. I have realized that I'm not a paint-your-fingernails kind of girl. We're going with clear. I have jewelry, underwear, outerwear, shoes. I think that's it. Oh, gift. Have that, too. I really think that's it. I'm off (to here). And I swear to God, Buddha, etc. that if we get there and no one else is wearing black...I'm gonna have ta put tha hurt on someone. Oh, did I mention that I'll suddenly acquire poor grammar and a slight hick accent while I'm there? See y'all tamarra.

it's a nice day for a...

I would just like to say that earlier today, in a fit of procrastination, I wrote a quick but respectable little post about the week. Then, suddenly, Blogger was no longer working. Post, gone. I don't have it in me to rewrite it. Maybe I'll sum it up later. The basic excitement of the day is that tomorrow is the Black Wedding. So, unless I get up super early tomorrow I doubt you'll hear from me until Sunday. It's been a week of short 'n' sweet posts. You know, the bright side is that you know I'm still alive. This will be a good thing for when I live alone again. If I die, you people may notice. Before, I just had to wait for the stink to lure in the neighbors... heehee (I know, I can hear all the mothers saying, "that's not funny.") Wish me luck. Not only with not dying but with not feeling like I'm dying tomorrow.


That's how many hits we have. It's getting close! I bet tomorrow is the day. Prizes all around!

holy crap

I logged on to give a travel/hotel update but am now appalled by this story I'm watching on Primetime. I must have been under a rock when their previous media attention occurred. It's just sad. And when you hear the other interviewees, these girls almost look normal. Sometimes I forget such freaks exist... Oh, and the following story--about people who freeze-dry their pets. What am I watching?! ABC "News."

well, i never...

It was a very interesting weekend. And long. And one without as much sleep as I would have liked. But fun... Here's why.

Firsts that happened this weekend:
1. Drank in a museum.
2. Ate in a museum.
3. Danced in a museum. Yep, right next to dinosaurs.
4. Went to Sullivan's.
5. Went to Sullivan's because some other single women at the museum were going there afterwards.
6. Met straight, male flight attendants.
7. Got taught a little French by a little Frenchman.
8. Went sailing.
9. Obtained confirmation from a complete stranger at the mall that a bride requesting the guests to wear all black is indeed a bit weird.
10. Completed the Black Wedding outfit. (Yes, I love Billy Idol.)
11. Realized that I think my brother's girlfriend is my friend, too. (The realization of this has been coming around for awhile now. But what bonds women more than shopping?)
12. Felt that even 29 is "not as young as I used to be." I cannot do without sleep as I once did in college.
13. Held…

polls and lots of rambling

I've had so many things in my head to write about lately but didn't want to bombard everyone. Now I feel spent without even writing anything.

So a little wedding prep update...I ended up going with the blouse/skirt combo. I would like to point out that even though I have several black skirts, none of them seem right with this shirt. I'm going to buy just a simple pencil skirt. I figure I can wear that forever and am surprised I don't own one already. It's funny. I don't think I'm superficial by any means but I do love fashion. My current guilty pleasure is Project Runway. It makes me want to design and make clothes. I think, however, that if I made my own clothes it would look like I made my own clothes.

Changing topics... So the post regarding the last poll has moved to the next page. This means it's time for a new poll. But first, here are the results of the past two.

Favorite Irresponsible Car
Saturn Sky 50%
Pontiac Solstice 14%
Mitsubishi Sp…

wild kingdom

There are lots of things I've been thinking about but here's the strangest one right now. Last night I got home and was getting into bed to read. (Can I just interject here that I'm halfway through the Harry Potter books for those of you who haven't been keeping up.) Since my bedroom faces the backyard, I noticed that my brother left the sprinklers on. Despite not wanting to go outside at 1:00 am, I thought it would be the responsible, home-owner-type thing to do. I turn on the outside light and there's an opossum! Just hanging out and not leaving when I say "hey!" and tap on the glass. In the city. And on the heels of an armadillo hanging out in the garage the night before. This is nuts! I thought about waking my brother up to deal with it but figured water is cheap. The grass just won't need to be watered for a few days. This also answers the question as to why the neighbors' dogs bark in the middle of the night. Who knows what else…

jeans, jeans, jeans

Since we've been talking fashion, I thought I'd fulfill the request to talk about skinny jeans. I don't like them. Not on men or women. Not tucked into boots. Personally, I go for straight-legged or boot cut or even slightly flared. While we're on the subject, I also hate super baggy jeans, jeans with pleats, jeans without back pockets, and wearing denim from head-to-toe. I never thought I'd like jeans with stretch in them but the ones at GAP are super comfortable. I still usually go for a pair without stretch, though, and am sad at how hard that is to find. And now I hear black denim is back. That saddens me. Who knew there were so many avenues when it comes to this topic?! How do y'all feel about skinny jeans?

impeding progress

I tried to find a dress today. I went to several stores in the mall. I tried on many, many dresses all to no avail. Why is it that when you are shopping for a particular clothing item you can never find it? I have so much better luck when I'm just browsing for whatever. So, anyway, black dresses are available to make you look like a whore, like an old lady, or like you're going to prom. And apparently it's popular to have sort of an empire waist but instead of being fitted through your real waist area, it just balloons out making even thin-ish girls look a little portly. I may have to break down and do the skirt/blouse combo.


I now have a date for the wedding. Not a date date but still...a real live human being to accompany me. Someone I actually like and will have fun with especially when accompanied by the brother and his girlfriend. Someone I will force to do the Grand March and various other dately duties. I wonder if there are people who don't know what the Grand March is?

And I have cute hair. I cut off several inches a few weeks ago. This was not for the wedding but because, as I mentioned before, I get bored with the hair pretty easily. I do not have "good" hair. Those people who just wash their hair, add no product, let it air dry, and look like they should be in hair commercials irritate me. I am not one of them (but tend to put about that much effort into fixing my hair). This haircut actually doesn't look too bad when it air dries (with the addition of a little product). For girls, this is a miraculous thing.

So a man, cute hair, my winning personality (heehee)... No…

karaoke dreams

Last night some friends and I went to KC's Boogie Blast featuring KC and the Sunshine Band, Tavares, Sister Sledge and Gloria Gaynor. It was fun. I got to sing along (from the audience, of course) with the Gloria Gaynor to "I Will Survive." Seriously, an historic moment.

10 things--topeka

Wow, Topeka. It was not a nice place. I felt dirty there. Here are my 10 things (albeit a little sarcastically).

1. I learned where the armpit of America is.
2. I became grateful for the revitalization of our downtown. Revitalization in downtown Topeka? Not so much.
3. I'm glad I didn't get a disease from the hotel I stayed in. At least I hope I didn't.
4. I learned that "luxury" means nothing in Topeka. The hotel was the "Senate Luxury Suites Hotel."
5. Said hotel is the self-proclaimed "best kept secret in Topeka." Good thing.
6. One interesting note is that Kansas has this weird toll road that goes across nearly the entire state. I paid $2 to drive about 45 miles.
7. The MD at my site there wrote a book about acid reflux. He gave me an autographed copy for free. Oh, the perks.
8. I appear to be popular with the bikers nationwide not just in Dallas.
9. I caught a slightly earlier flight home.
10. Come on, I can do ten...think! Um, the ba…

a little disconcerting...

Having my job means getting emails like this:
Another helpful site regarding air security........

Aviation delays continue to occur throughout the United Kingdom and the United States in response to a possible plot to attack international flights. For up-to-the-minute security and travel information, please see Air Security International's World Watch ® Monitor site. This site is available to the public and can be accessed at
Very scary to think about another terrorist attack. Very annoying to me when people complain about extra security measures. Sometimes when I'm in line people complain about having to take off their shoes. I'd give you my shoes if that meant terrorists couldn't get on my plane. And I love my shoes...

I'm glad that most of my travel is now within Texas (even though I still fly to most of the places). I mean, I do like getting to see other places but would be really pissed if I died on a plane. My brother and I …

100 things

Or "I never copied in school but am willing to start now" (hey, I guess that's a bonus one). You can see these lists on nearly every blog I read. Check theirs out, too, because they're fun. I will try my best not to copy from everyone else and to guarantee at least one thing that's new to each of you.

1. I have red hair. (Yeah, yeah...everyone knows I have red hair. Just wait, it will get better.)
2. For 28 years of my life I didn't know the answer to this question: "Where does your red hair come from?"
3. It comes from my paternal grandfather.
4. I was adopted not too long after birth.
5. Despite the red hair, I am not Irish.
6. I hated the red hair as a child but now see it as a trademark and am threatened when people don't think it's red.
7. I have one brother.
8. Even though he's five years older, I am the mature one and people often think I'm older (which freaked me out the first time I heard it).
9. To pick my name, my parents decided t…

working for the enemy?

I still have to write about my trip to Topeka. Believe me, you'd love to hear about it. It will have to wait, however, because I read something today that really bothered me. Apparently in a poll last year, people said that basically the most hated industries were big oil, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.

Since I work in the pharmaceutical industry that makes me a little sad. I realize that meds cost a lot. I've experienced it when I've been in-between insurances. And I know that there are many people out there who have it worse off everyday than I do during those times. I wish drugs cost less for everyone. I definitely see places where some fat could be trimmed. Two jobs ago I would eat lunches brought in by drug reps (sometimes I'd stretch it out for 3 meals). I felt some guilt about this. They spent way too much money feeding people who had no decision-making powers whatsoever when it came to writing prescriptions. And why should companies educate doctors …

the big d

I'm not a fan of Dallas. I have a theory that Houstonians do not like people from Dallas (who I hear call themselves Texans, just Texans, but I heard that from a dumb guy so who knows) and vice versa. I went there on a day trip yesterday for work. It does not get a list. I cannot think of 10 Things... The one good thing is that now I can go on my visits without supervision. Here's the rest of the story...

The day started with the alarm clock going off at 4:40. AM. I like to sleep in to maybe 8:30 or 9 if I have no where to be. If I have to get up early for work I can. However, getting up before 5 is inhumane I think. Add to that the inability to fall asleep/stay asleep the night before. If I fall asleep now, I'll get 4 hours of sleep. Now, 3 and a half hours...

So bright and early--no, make that dark and early--I'm up and driving to the airport. I time myself. It takes 25 minutes. I remember the moment during my interview for this job where the boss' …

chelsea clinton

So I ran across this site yesterday. I tried it. And, yes, apparently of all celebrities I look like Chelsea Clinton. Our facial characteristics match something like 63%. Is this before or after her alleged plastic surgery? offense, Chelsea, but I'm not finding it a compliment. Curious as to who the runners-up were?

Jessica Alba (now that would be a compliment)
Michelle Rodriguez (um, ok)
Eva Longoria(seriously, I'm in no way Hispanic...or that hot)
LL Cool J (a black man?!)
Sarah Ferguson
Alyson Hannigan

At least the last two have red hair. Oh, and are women.

What celebrity do you look like?

for andrew

I have lived with my brother for the majority of the past year. First, he moved in with me in my tiny apartment. I'd tell you the square feet but I never measured. One bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room. All of small dimensions except the bedroom where I could squeeze in an office. And, after he moved in, a clothes rack. He slept on the couch.

You know when you are taking part in a not-so-original interview and the interviewer asks you how your friends would describe you? My bet is (1) smart, (2) funny, and (3) independent. #3 does not bode well for living with another human being--any human being--in that small of an apartment. Even worse, I hadn't lived with anyone since my favorite roommate, angelq, in 1998. (Wow, that's scary--1998. I may be getting old.) Add to that, the stress of selling your family home, my recent job change, his recent job change and move to "town." Needless to say, there was some adjustment that needed to happen.

One of…