10 things--topeka

Wow, Topeka. It was not a nice place. I felt dirty there. Here are my 10 things (albeit a little sarcastically).

1. I learned where the armpit of America is.
2. I became grateful for the revitalization of our downtown. Revitalization in downtown Topeka? Not so much.
3. I'm glad I didn't get a disease from the hotel I stayed in. At least I hope I didn't.
4. I learned that "luxury" means nothing in Topeka. The hotel was the "Senate Luxury Suites Hotel."
5. Said hotel is the self-proclaimed "best kept secret in Topeka." Good thing.
6. One interesting note is that Kansas has this weird toll road that goes across nearly the entire state. I paid $2 to drive about 45 miles.
7. The MD at my site there wrote a book about acid reflux. He gave me an autographed copy for free. Oh, the perks.
8. I appear to be popular with the bikers nationwide not just in Dallas.
9. I caught a slightly earlier flight home.
10. Come on, I can do ten...think! Um, the balcony was a nice respite from the room. The view was of the capitol. There was a storm abrewin' and it provided a cool breeze. There were no mosquitoes to bite me while I sat outside and read. And the storm didn't bring a tornado. Whew...that's ten.

I would have inserted a picture to proved the disgustingness of the hotel and one of the view if my computer hadn't died. My laptop battery is old and therefore keeps no charge at all. And now, just for fun, the spot where the plug inserts into the computer...it's broken. This is a dilemma. I could probably get it fixed but feel stupid sinking money into a computer when nowadays it's almost more worth it to buy a new one. But in 10 more months my company gives me a stipend for computer equipment. What timing. So not-so-great news to go with a not-so-great city.


Bubba's Sis said…
Good thing you're not in Kansas anymore!

Har har!

I think it's cool you make these "10 Things" lists. Sometimes at dinner our family plays "Bad Thing, Good Thing", where each person has to tell a bad thing about their day and a good thing about their day (ending on the positive, of course!). Often my husband's bad thing is "I had to go to work" and his good thing is "I got to come home." Glad you are more eloquent than that!
km said…
I will take a number 7 please!!!! heehee
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