What a day. If you would have told me yesterday morning that it would have been like this I would have thought you were crazy. Or at least very optimistic.

Yesterday I realized that when I booked this trip to San Antonio I had myself leave from IAH. I don't know why I didn't pick Hobby...especially since I had to get up at 4:30am to catch the flight. Later in the day, however, I realized that a co-worker of mine who I hadn't seen in months was going to be on the same flight. How cool is that? It seemed like a fairly empty flight so I thought we'd be able to sit together regardless of our assigned seats (since we both know enough to check in online). This morning I got to the parking area and she was getting there at the same time. We even rode the shuttle to the airport together. Then we start to board and realize we had already picked the same row to sit in! It was a good flight. Very good visiting with her.

So I imagined this trip would not be good. The person I was here to work with had not come across well in our previous communications. I get here, she's nice. Go figure. She was just frustrated with some things that happened before I started working here. How was she to know that I'm good at my job? It was actually a good work day.

Then I made it to my hotel. If you ever have to stay in San Antonio stay here. It's beautiful. They have done lots of renovations. The wallpaper in my bathroom is a recreation of the wallpaper that was in my parents' bedroom when I was a kid. (Are you understanding the title yet?) The carpet and big oriental rug are both super soft. The chair and ottoman are super soft. It's really nice. They play good instrumental music in the courtyard and I can hear it in the background of my room. The hospitable hotel staff let me see several other rooms...all great. If you plan to honeymoon in San Antonio, this is the place. The honeymoon suite is unbelievable. There are actual 24k gold tiles on the bathroom floor and in the shower. Beautiful. Despite all this, the coolest thing about this place is that it holds the world record for the largest structure ever moved on wheels. When you walk around in here, it is amazing to think that it stood six blocks away once upon a time. Across a bridge. And the restaurant--superb. Seriously, my second favorite hotel I've ever stayed in. Good day, my friends, good day.


Bubba's Sis said…
How lovely!!! I'm so glad it all went so well for you! Did you pay your homage to the Alamo?
km said…
OH WOW!!! Nice place!!! Glad it has turned out to be a fabulous trip!!

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