holy crap

I logged on to give a travel/hotel update but am now appalled by this story I'm watching on Primetime. I must have been under a rock when their previous media attention occurred. It's just sad. And when you hear the other interviewees, these girls almost look normal. Sometimes I forget such freaks exist... Oh, and the following story--about people who freeze-dry their pets. What am I watching?! ABC "News."


Bubba's Sis said…
Oh. My. Gosh.
katielady said…
Ditto. I must have missed it, too. Were you under the rock next door to me?
Bubba's Sis said…
I was under the rock with Katie, I think....didn't know about this until I watched the clip last night. I'm shocked and appalled.
cjh said…
See, shocked and appalled. It's crazy. You should have seen the people freeze-drying their pets, too. They then let their cats, etc. hang around their houses as if they were still alive. A 10 lb pet costs $1000. $150/lb after that... CRA-ZY.
angelq said…
Gee. I get creeped out by those cats they sell at craft shows and stuff with the rabbit fur on them. I don't think I could handle a stuffed Freeway - besides he would cost a small fortune at 15 lbs.

And I knew about the girls. If it's music related, I've probably heard it from radiotim. Not cool.

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