chelsea clinton

So I ran across this site yesterday. I tried it. And, yes, apparently of all celebrities I look like Chelsea Clinton. Our facial characteristics match something like 63%. Is this before or after her alleged plastic surgery? offense, Chelsea, but I'm not finding it a compliment. Curious as to who the runners-up were?

Jessica Alba (now that would be a compliment)
Michelle Rodriguez (um, ok)
Eva Longoria(seriously, I'm in no way Hispanic...or that hot)
LL Cool J (a black man?!)
Sarah Ferguson
Alyson Hannigan

At least the last two have red hair. Oh, and are women.

What celebrity do you look like?


That is a way cool website! I tried a couple of different pictures and never got the same results. So I'll use my favorite list (Ha! Because the first one said I look like Hillary Rodham Clinton, which is curious since you look like Chelsea...) The better picture of me says I look the most like Shania Twain - 74%! Next was Marcia Cross, then Sandra Bullock, then Hugh Jackman (??), then Ashley Judd. Not too bad, I guess. Still tring to figure out how you look like a black man...
cjm said…
I would like to report back that upon trying it again with another photo I now look most like Elle MacPherson. You know it...
nora said…
I did not try my picture, however, did tried Krystle's, you are not going to believe the 1st on the list, Beyonce, that is just crazy. next on the list were, Martina McBride, Matt Damon, Rob Lowe, Joan Cusack, Vilie Valo and last on the list Tony Danza. I can just imagine who will I be matched ith.
Now that I've tried several pictures the one most constant that shows up is Sandra Bullock. I'm good with that!
Bubba looks like Bill Gates! LOL! Too bad he's not as rich as Bill Gates!
Editor in Chief said…
Yeah, that's really quite a shame about Bubba!
Editor in Chief said…
I look like Kristin Davis, Charlotte from Sex and The City! I got 62% on the picture I used, which is the only one I have at work.

Eva Peron was next. Does that mean I look like The Material Girl? She wasn't on the list....
StaceyG said…
I broke their website. What do you think that means?

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