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What you missed out on by my post getting lost in cyberspace was basically that I still do not like Dallas. I can't believe I'm going to have to be there as often as I am. If anyone has any suggestions on cool things to do (not during work hours) or good restaurants, I'd love to hear it. I did go shopping at a hoity toity mall. I could afford next to nothing there but would love to buy one frivolous piece of ridiculously expensive clothing. Just one piece. One that I could not even come close to justifying the expense of. We'll see. Dallas itself just seems a little more hoity toity all around. The country girl in me doesn't really like that.

I also realized in Dallas that I would like it if my job were to go around and tell people who own historic places (like hotels) how to better decorate them. I like seeing things live up to their potential. The hotel I stayed in was ok. Outdated but good bones. Thankfully, someone else has realized that and they are starting a major renovation. I bet the place will be spectacular then. And no longer affordable.

I went with Nora to the Mixers, Elixers, and IMAX thing at the Museum of Natural Science again this past Friday. It was fun. This time we got to eat hotdogs in the museum. And we actually watched the IMAX. It was fun but we didn't pick up anyone. It seemed like there were more couples there. I don't think that should be allowed. Or, museum people (if you're out there), you could do one day a month where only singletons are allowed. Nothing worse than spotting a cute guy and then following his arm down to his hand that is holding the hand of his super cute girlfriend.

The wedding... It was nice. The church was cute. As were the bride and groom and all the attendants. Her colors, as expected, were black and white. I would like to point out that maybe 55% of the guests adhered to that request. I think my outfit had the desired effect. I heard some "you look greats." Can't get enough of that. It was good to see family. It was nice to have a date. We had a really good time, along with my brother and his girlfriend. Laughed pretty much the entire weekend. My brother's girlfriend caught the bouquet while I hid behind her. She was then congratulated by all of our family. My brother, who did not catch the garter, was appropriately harassed by the fam. So I guess a good time was had by all.

I would like to insert here that I've been on hold with MCI this entire time I've been typing. They are charging me $38.30 for "Central Office Access Charge (Installment Balance)" and I'd like to know what that means. Oh, and they have charged me for that twice on the same bill. Bear in mind that I only technically had service from these people for 11 days.

I'm about to go meet two lovely ladies (this one and this one) for lunch. That should be fun, too.


Editor in Chief said…
Oh I'm so jealous you get to have lunch with two of my favorite people! No fair!

I attended a black tie wedding in appropriate attire (Bubba was even in a tux) only to discover that half the people there weren't in black tie! I mean, saying on the invitation that it is 'black tie' is officially telling people that formal is expected. Come on! I'm sure you looked great, though, and had a good time.
Editor in Chief said…

I'm guessing you went to Northpark? Not a bad place.

Go to the Old Monk on Henderson just east of Central Expressway. (Exit 2 I believe.) Eat a burger at Chips on McKinney just south of Knox. (Knox is the street west of Central, Henderson east of Central.) Go to Lower Greenville and eat at Aw Shucks (seafood). Or go to the Greenville Bar and Grill. Go to Uptown and the Gingerman on Bowl Street.
Anonymous said…
I can only tell you where to go get your haircut by a GREAT GREAT Stylist that has been show cased on BRAVO!!! I love him and wish he was closer. Oh and he is not expensive either....

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