polls and lots of rambling

I've had so many things in my head to write about lately but didn't want to bombard everyone. Now I feel spent without even writing anything.

So a little wedding prep update...I ended up going with the blouse/skirt combo. I would like to point out that even though I have several black skirts, none of them seem right with this shirt. I'm going to buy just a simple pencil skirt. I figure I can wear that forever and am surprised I don't own one already. It's funny. I don't think I'm superficial by any means but I do love fashion. My current guilty pleasure is Project Runway. It makes me want to design and make clothes. I think, however, that if I made my own clothes it would look like I made my own clothes.

Changing topics... So the post regarding the last poll has moved to the next page. This means it's time for a new poll. But first, here are the results of the past two.

Favorite Irresponsible Car
Saturn Sky 50%
Pontiac Solstice 14%
Mitsubishi Spyder 36%

Truth is on this one that I'll most likely get none of them. What with being a single person with only one income and no sugar daddy, I can't have everything I want (even if it is somewhat within reason). It all comes down to the fact that I want a house more than I want a hot car.

Least Favorite Industry
oil 27%
tobacco 64%
pharmaceuticals 9%

Thanks for making me feel better on that one. And the person who voted for pharma, you got me right here. Ouch.

Now a new poll... I'm having a hard time coming up with a new topic. How about tv? What show do you absolutely love that you can't wait to see again? There's the list over there. If there's something else I didn't include, feel free to comment. Even though there were only about 4 episodes of it last year, I'm really looking forward to What About Brian. Because I thought I'd be the only one, I didn't include it. Of course, Grey's Anatomy is my #1 pick. Hmmm, maybe I just love shows with hot guys. If you take that clip and add George, Alex, and Denny; remove the chief; and insert "Candice" for "Miranda" you have just gotten into my head a little bit... It's nice in here.


Bubba's Sis said…
Hooray! I'm your official first vote on this one! I voted for Lost - I'm totally hooked. Also looking forward to DH tho, AND CSI (The Original).

Other shows I love (in case anyone cares): Boston Legal, Amazing Race, Survivor, and E.R. (altho that last one is losing me a bit). Some of the new shows look interesting, too. Oh, and I'm loving Treasure Hunters right now! Very good show. It ends this week.

And the Astros won tonight - YAY!
Bubba's Sis said…
OMG - can't believe I left out American Idol! Love that one, too!
km said…
GREYS ANATOMY, Baby!!! Even if you would have had American Idol on your poll, I still would have voted for GA. Can you believe that??
tigger said…
TV? What is this thing you speak of?
Bubba's Mom said…
I am a Law & Order junkie. I will even watch them over & over again. I am anxious about this year though because they've moved it to Friday nights which is like Siberia. Jack will be getting a new asst. since Alexandria got murdered (too bad, but I really didn't care for her anyway) and Ed will get a new partner because dapper silver haired guy (Dennis Farina) will be gone. And, I really liked him!! This show usually survives changes in cast very well, so I hope everything will be OK. I also LOVE Boston Legal. William Shatner and James Spader just crack me up.
Anonymous said…
I'm also looking forward to What about Brian!

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