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I'm super unmotivated today. So much so that I'm not sure if "unmotivated" is even a word but I'm not bothering to check.
I'd like to just stay home today and make breakfast foods.
But instead I'm flying to Tampa for work. At least it's warm there.
I had such a productive day yesterday I fear I used up all my productivity for the week. And it's Tuesday.
The baby got pink eye. Again. But not nearly as bad this time. In fact, after a few doses of meds yesterday, she looks way better already.
One of the day care providers? Her husband died yesterday, and I'm terribly sad for her. I keep thinking about how he enjoyed the pumpkin bread we gave them as part of their Christmas present. How he'd ask her each night (until it was gone) if he could have a piece.
Hubby had a 24-hour sickness thing that I was afraid he passed on to me but now I'm thinking maybe (hopefully) it's just allergies. Perhaps Tampa will be good for something.

16 weeks (+1 day, 2nd ed.)

So I think this will be a little different this second time around. As I don't plan on there being a third time around, I probably won't refer back to this as much so things might not be as detailed. You know, that, and the baby brain keeps me from remembering things...

Total weight gain: About 5 pounds. Apparently enough to be at the point where I just look chubby.

Movement: I don't think I've felt anything besides gas.

Cravings: Goodness. I guess I just crave food. I have a crazy appetite and I'll be honest with you. I haven't eaten as well this time around. Sorry, bebe!

Belly button: I'm only going to include this one time. Per my surgeon, I should remain an innie. If he turns out to be lying, I'll let you know.

Similarities: We're using the same OB as last time. No real morning sickness. Started off having bad skin. Still having headaches. Baby brain.

Differences: The OB has moved offices/practices. So far things seem to be going a little more smoothl…


Somewhere along the way I stopped doing New Years Resolutions. Did you notice? Instead, I figured I'd just focus on a few items on the ol' Life List. Like maybe these:

Have that second child.
Find the perfect mac and cheese recipe. (Can you believe I'm still looking?!)
Make a baby quilt for that second child.
And keep the beginnings of a good baby book for that same kid.
To work on my posture. (Do you think that's a good or bad idea considering I'll be pregnant for 2/3 of the year?)

Do you think I should add "keep sane" to the list? Do you think I even have any sanity left to keep?

Anyway, the other idea that some folks embrace at the new year is to pick one word that they want to describe the upcoming 365 days (or 366 in this case). The word I have chosen and then kept a secret until now is balance. This should have been my word for the last several years but I'm claiming it this time. Considering we're going to change things up big time again this yea…

what we will not be naming the baby

As many of you know, we had a hard time picking a name when Chicken was born. As we were Team Green, we had to think about boy and girl names. We ended up making our own lists, vetoing, vetoing some more, combining the remaining names, vetoing, and narrowing it down to 4 of each gender by the time we headed to the delivery room. Will baby #2's name come from the short list? Who knows... If it's a girl, I doubt it. But here are some rejects that won't be revived. Under any circumstances.



Mmhmm. I'm not even making these up.

one more open bag, escaped cat

Lots of people have asked a lot of questions lately. Yes, I really am going to stop the monthly letters to and pictures of Chicken. Hopefully that will mean more frequent posting as things occur. She'll probably get a yearly letter. While I know they do keep on rapidly changing, I don't think any year can compare to the first in that department. Granted, it's the only one we've experienced thus far.

No, I don't plan on doing weekly updates during this pregnancy. I do hope to do monthly ones along with monthly belly pics. The very detailed record the first time around was for many reasons, not the least of which was to help me remember (during pregnancy #2) what happened when (during pregnancy #1). It's amazing how quickly you forget stuff.

Yes, I'm planning on going back to work once we have 2 kids (under 2. OMG.).

Yes, we were trying. No, it's probably very rarely ok to ask someone that question. Perhaps only to your best friend.

As we already have tons …

life list: run again

So there are about a million things I need to write about but I'm going to start with this one. I've pretty much always enjoyed running. I'm not so much a team sport kind of girl. And I enjoy having my feet planted firmly on the ground (says the person who has travelled for work for 6+ years). During elementary school, I gradually got worse and worse at sprinting. We'd have a track meet every year and you'd compete with kids from the other elementary school. My ribbons went from being blue and red to being yellow and green (1st and 2nd to 4th and 5th).

Sometime during Jr. High, though, we started running long distances. I had already succumbed to the fact that I was not athletic so this happened in PE class. I realized I was good at it. I was fast again! I wasn't that far behind the girl who was naturally athletic. Woohoo! But I still didn't run cross country or anything.

In college, I started running for real. At one point I was probably logging 15-ish mile…