16 weeks (+1 day, 2nd ed.)

So I think this will be a little different this second time around. As I don't plan on there being a third time around, I probably won't refer back to this as much so things might not be as detailed. You know, that, and the baby brain keeps me from remembering things...

Total weight gain: About 5 pounds. Apparently enough to be at the point where I just look chubby.

Movement: I don't think I've felt anything besides gas.

Cravings: Goodness. I guess I just crave food. I have a crazy appetite and I'll be honest with you. I haven't eaten as well this time around. Sorry, bebe!

Belly button: I'm only going to include this one time. Per my surgeon, I should remain an innie. If he turns out to be lying, I'll let you know.

Similarities: We're using the same OB as last time. No real morning sickness. Started off having bad skin. Still having headaches. Baby brain.

Differences: The OB has moved offices/practices. So far things seem to be going a little more smoothly at this new place. Much slower weight gain this time around. At the 12-week visit I still hadn't gained anything. I think it seriously took until about 2 weeks ago to start putting on weight. And keeping it on. Freakin' weird digestive issues. While I felt better during the first trimester this time, it seems like maybe my gall-bladder-less digestive system has been getting angry sometimes. Caffeine intake is next to nothing to try to tame the beast. I have also been way more physically active this time around. Perhaps that staved off some early weight gain. Who knows... I guess I'm also less focused on this pregnancy than I was the first time around. I had done way more preparation by now. I'm just too busy to dwell on things very often. We are finding out the sex in a few weeks so I'm very much looking forward to that.

Preparations: Been thinking about baby names a little bit but won't focus on this until we know the gender. We're having a tiny gender reveal party with the immediate family so have been planning that. We got a crib that someone in the neighborhood was throwing away. A little tweaking and it will be good to go. I'm waiting to find out the sex before starting the quilt. We'll probably prep the nursery super last-minute. I did buy one item for the baby, a teeny tiny onesie. I should probably make a list of what things we'll need. I don't know. Considering that we're thinking of selling the house, I don't really feel like putting too much effort into the nursery changes yet. I have no idea what kind of time frame we're looking at with all that.

Anything else interesting? The baby's heartbeat was 155 bpm at the appointment last week. It was much easier to find it this time than last. I broke out the maternity pants last week for the first time. I can still fit into a lot of my regular clothes (even my jeans above) but sometimes you just don't want anything tight across your bulging belly.

Monthly wisdom/rambling: Huh. Did I really have wisdom every week last time? As I'm just posting every 4 weeks now, hopefully I'll be able to think of something. So pregnancy the first time around and each subsequent time will obviously not be the same. Every pregnancy is different yada yada but you're different. Where you're coming from is different. What the pregnancy means is different. The first one was starting our family, making us parents. This one is completing it. We're not completely clueless regarding pregnancy, childbirth, parenting. Thank God. Everything the first time around is so new. And you have so much free time to just think about it all. While pregnancy #2 may not be as exciting and novel in some ways, I think it's important to still treat it well. Try to do things that will make that baby feel special, too. (Things like a gender reveal party...not like a crib that was destined for the dumpster.) I'm going to try very hard to keep a good baby book this time around and will definitely be making that baby quilt. I imagine these two kids will be fairly different and they may need to be treated differently due to personalities. But both will be (or actually are) so special to me. I want them to both know that.

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Katie Lady said…
I was way better at keeping Alex's baby book than Drew's. I think because I wanted his to be special, and I have WAY fewer pictures of him than of Drew. We (ok, I) went way overboard with pictures and we have tons of Drew's first year. Not so much with Alex. But you are right, you are just in a different place, so THAT'S what makes it different.

I can't wait to find out!

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