• I'm super unmotivated today. So much so that I'm not sure if "unmotivated" is even a word but I'm not bothering to check.

  • I'd like to just stay home today and make breakfast foods.

  • But instead I'm flying to Tampa for work. At least it's warm there.

  • I had such a productive day yesterday I fear I used up all my productivity for the week. And it's Tuesday.

  • The baby got pink eye. Again. But not nearly as bad this time. In fact, after a few doses of meds yesterday, she looks way better already.

  • One of the day care providers? Her husband died yesterday, and I'm terribly sad for her. I keep thinking about how he enjoyed the pumpkin bread we gave them as part of their Christmas present. How he'd ask her each night (until it was gone) if he could have a piece.

  • Hubby had a 24-hour sickness thing that I was afraid he passed on to me but now I'm thinking maybe (hopefully) it's just allergies. Perhaps Tampa will be good for something.


Becca said…
We can not deny if that unmotivated day comes especially if the period days is coming. Mood changes and the work sometime affected.

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