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tenth month

This month just flew by.  It started out with Daddy and me leaving you and your sister for the first time.  We went to New York and y'all stayed with Grandma and Granddad.  I think you did fine, and we definitely enjoyed our adult time.

You're still sleeping well, thank goodness.  Mama decided y'all needed earlier bedtimes so you go to sleep around 8:30 now.  Yea!  And you still take two naps everyday--one usually longer than the other.

You eat pretty well but are kind of picky.  Your sister would eat whatever baby food I made for her but you don't.  I stopped making any probably a month ago.  You like to feed yourself finger foods (you have 5 teeth now!) and you eat baby food in those squeeze pouches.  Sometimes you like throwing food off your high chair tray.  We started you with a sippy cup this month and you're pretty good at it now.  I'm excited that we're getting close to a year so we can phase out formula and your bottle.  We'll have to work on …