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fifth month

Buns!  Five months!  December was a big one.  Your first Christmas!  So fun even though you didn't really know what was going on.  People loved visiting with you and you were so good.  Smiles all around.  You met Santa and were so chill.  You just chewed on your hands, as if you meet celebrities everyday.  You also got to stay in a hotel for the first time.  No wild parties from you.  Your sister was another story... 

So eating.  Sigh.  I don't know, kid.  It seems to me like you're starting to wean yourself.  And I think I realized that the day after the hospital called and I renewed the lease on the pump for another 2 months.  Oh, well.  We'll see how it goes.  You're probably 50/50 on formula and breastmilk now.  I'm glad that you easily take bottles and that you haven't seemed to have digestive issues with the formula.  Just troublesome gas sometimes but that's the name of the game with babies, it seems.  In a matter of weeks we'll be starting …

neither hilly nor on an island

So we've been living here, oh, almost six months.  Nary a post about this new house.  Can I even still call it new?  It's not new but it was new to us.  Can I stick with the newlywed 1-year rule?  Yes?  Ok.  Here's our new house.  Let me warn you that the pictures are tiny.  I was very pregnant when I was saving these off the online listing and didn't do a great job.  Bygones.

Yeah, this house is obviously a little different from the last one.  Bigger, less character.  But it's also newer and is in a great neighborhood.  Don't get me wrong--I loved the old place.  But while the neighborhood had good points it also had some sketchy ones.  This one is lovely and wooded (although our lot isn't so much).  It's conveniently located right between my family and my in-laws.  It shaves about 5 minutes off Hubby's commute.  Ooh, ahh.  And we switched to a different daycare where Chicken is thriving.  Good all around.  I do want to rip out almost all of the l…

fourth month

Buns, Buns, Buns.  A third of a year.  Gone already.

I think the main theme of November was illness.  Funny, when I typed that the first time I wrote "Illness" with a capital I.  Indeed.  Your sister actually started getting sick a few days before Halloween and at least 2 of us have been sick ever since.  It has been awful.  We've been to the doctor a lot.  Today your sister is doing ok, Daddy is the worst off, and you and I have some lingering stuff going on.  You have your allegedly well-baby 4-month visit on Monday.

Speaking of, I'll have to update this then with accurate height and weight.  You are definitely longer, though.  And I already know you weigh more than your sister did at this point.  But you do seem to be thinning out a little bit already.  Your cheeks are thinner but that's not saying much.  They were pretty chubby right off the bat.  UPDATE:  Actually, you're about the same weight as your sister was as you lost a little weight since 2 week…