fifth month

Buns!  Five months!  December was a big one.  Your first Christmas!  So fun even though you didn't really know what was going on.  People loved visiting with you and you were so good.  Smiles all around.  You met Santa and were so chill.  You just chewed on your hands, as if you meet celebrities everyday.  You also got to stay in a hotel for the first time.  No wild parties from you.  Your sister was another story... 

So eating.  Sigh.  I don't know, kid.  It seems to me like you're starting to wean yourself.  And I think I realized that the day after the hospital called and I renewed the lease on the pump for another 2 months.  Oh, well.  We'll see how it goes.  You're probably 50/50 on formula and breastmilk now.  I'm glad that you easily take bottles and that you haven't seemed to have digestive issues with the formula.  Just troublesome gas sometimes but that's the name of the game with babies, it seems.  In a matter of weeks we'll be starting solids.  I can't believe it's that time already.

Sleeping.  Sigh.  No exciting changes here.  Still no sleeping through the night (or even close).  Any progress we made at the beginning of last month has gone out the window.  Mama is going to lay down the law when we get back from vacation.  I think it will also be easier to get you to sleep through the night once we're done breastfeeding.  Hopefully.  Please, tiny baby Jesus.  You remain very snuggly, though.  And I love that.  I'm trying to appreciate it even when I can't put you down for a nap without you waking up 5 minutes later.  I read somewhere that snuggling and hugs has shown to increase intelligence.  You, my love, are going to be a genius. 

Which leaves us with poop.  Again, no real changes here.  You have had an increase in diaper fails, though.  One day you had 3 wardrobe changes.  You're quite the diva.  Divo?

Everyone has been a little healthier in December but we all seem to have a lingering cough or sniffles.  Your sister was sick over the weekend so I expect you to be again, too.  Although, it's hard to tell where the illness is starting these days...

No doctor's appointment so no vitals until next month.  In other appearance news, I think you've lost some of your hair.  But you do still have a lot in the mullet area. kids.  And I think your eyes have gotten lighter.  They're now a little more pale than Mama's and sister's.  They're so bright and fun when you smile.

You're still happy and give the best smiles.  You've laughed more this month which is awesome.  Mostly for me.  I'm a good tickler.  You started blowing raspberries!  You love, love, love bath time.  I think last night you kicked even more than your sister used to--and that's A LOT.  And you and your sister are pals--as much as you can be at this age.  Well, except for when you pull her hair.  She is able to say your full name now but rarely uses it.  I'll be sad to see her nickname go.  You also drool.  A lot.  You need to wear bibs sometimes.  And you play with toys now--that blue bird on your carseat, soft toys while on the floor, and mostly rubber duckies while sitting in the high chair.  Oh, yeah.  We've started using the high chair this month.  Mama was inspired to put you in it.  You're much happier there than on the floor.  You still love looking at people and this let's you be a part of the action.  We recently started putting you in the exersaucer, too.  You like it for brief periods.  You, too, gave that little bear a stern talking to.  I'm not sure what he did to both you and your sister at this age.  Perhaps he's just mean.

When I think back (who am I kidding, I also have to read things to remember) to your sister at this age, it seems like she was maturing faster than you.  But, really, y'all have been pretty much on the same schedule with the exception of sleep.  Because you want to be held so much, though, you may end up being behind on some of your physical milestones.  We're going to have to keep making an effort not to let that happen. 

January should be interesting!  A new year, hopefully new sleep schedule, perhaps new feeding routine, solids, vacation, some scheduled work on the house, my first work travel, work travel for Daddy, your sister's 2nd birthday.  You know how we like to do things big around here.  Why have just one change at a time?  Mama's nugget of wisdom this month is that sometimes change is hard.  Duh. That's pretty apparent in life.  I'm talking about for the big things, though, like taking on a new role.  Wife.  Husband.  Mother.  Father.  Mother of 2.  Sheesh.  Your life just changes.  Normal changes.  It takes some getting used to.  When I bought my first house (the house you almost got to come home to), I was single.  No Daddy, no sister, no you.  No Maggie even.  And, boy, could I get a lot done.  I whipped that place into shape in no time.  Not so this time around.  I was able to get one smallish project done this weekend.  Over the ENTIRE weekend.  I could work a bit here and there.  I'd have to wait on one part because it was loud and you kids (ok, your sister) were napping.  I got about 10 minutes while Daddy took your sister and Maggie for a walk and viola!  I was done.  Almost.  I finished up after everyone left the house this morning.  Again, my point is that you may be frustrated sometimes but it's just because you haven't learned to accept that this?  This craziness?  It's your new life.  And I'm betting one day you'll long for it.


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